What this blog will be about and for whom?

………….hmmmm good question 😉

evil43Dear pregnant Ladies, mummies, daddies and everybody interested in topics related to kids education, living active life and sharing practical examples from life………

Simply everybody who wants to share life story of one so-called “Crazy mom” which starts in her pregnancy period and then continues during her motherhood, is welcomed.

 Did you already hear words such as: “Be careful! Do not dance that wildly! Do not jump that much! Move slower! You are responsible for two lives now! Do not eat this and rather eat that! You should sleep properly! Did you already saw this cute little boots………..Uffff……and so on and so on 🙂 .

 I think that I do not already remember all those good advice I got from all those nice people around me, who I strongly believe wanted only the best for me and my sun Edie………….but did anybody from them considered how do I feel? What do I like and how is the baby communicating with me? Which kind of person I would like to bring to this world?…..do you think it should have been somebody…………slow, without dancing skills, creativity, and enthusiasm? No, this is not me and my son will not be like that either.  

 So, you know pregnancy is not a sickness, somebody smart said and I think it was my grandmother who I really appreciate the as great person, life advisor, and kids’ teacher.

 Pregnancy is actually the Time to think through which kind of person we would like to bring to this world, which skills he/she should obtain from the beginning of his/her life to be able to survive in this “colorful and demanding jungle”. I decided to guide my kid through his life starting from pregnancy in a way which will boost his intelligence and skills and develop independent person with strong character able to combat with any kind of problem… But what is your decision and commitment you did before you created new life your successor and main legacy? Do you want to let your kid just pass his early days and miss the unique opportunity of early learning period? Or you will rather live these days fully and help him to trigger, increase and develop his potential which will build a strong base for whole his life?…….It’s up to you mom.

 …………but before I will move closer to kids education and development of child potential and share with you the information I obtained so far let me introduce myself through the story of one jumpy, dancing and traveling belly called Edie and his “Crazy mama” or “Me baa”.

 About Crazy Mum 🙂

My name is Zlata (in my home language you can understand “Goldie” ).  I come from The Czech Republic (the country in “The Heart of Europe”) from the lovely second-largest city Brno. My home country is full of tradition, culture, the best beer in the world and “beautiful women” :-). 

In my age of 25, I have experienced exciting life so far. I finished Mendel University with a master degree from economic sciences with a focus on European studies. I voluntarily worked for 5 years for the biggest non-government student organization AIESEC then for various business organizations in the human resource management field, marketing, PR.  I studied abroad (Finland and Thailand), I worked abroad in the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company as HR Trainee (Estonia). I have always had close to people, I was interested in their learning and capabilities and how to improve their skills and reach full potential.  I also decided to contribute as a permanent donator to the kid’s foundation “Zdravotní klaun” (Red noses Clowndoctors) which belong to the international network RED NOSES INTERNATIONAL. Those people bring the smile and joy into the hospitals instead of pain and suffering and heal kids through laughing 🙂 .

I am a passionate traveler. I have visited most of the European countries, some of the Asian and American. I love sports in general. I was a competitive monoflip swimmer for 5 years (I have to confess, water is my second living environment, I think I was fish or dolphin in previous life 🙂 ) and I practice other sports also such as (beach)volleyball, basketball, skiing, skating, cycling, tracking etc. I was taught since an early age to try everything and then decide what I like and what I would like to continue. I have played on accordion for 11 years and won 2 times national competition. I was singing in the kids and youth professional choir by Filharmony Brno called “Kantilena” for many years. I attended different hobby courses such as ceramic, painting on silk, chemistry course, animal’s care, language courses, dancing, self-defense, painting on glass, Shaman courses……. etc. I think that my parents, friends involved me into many activities and I was always curious to try something new and explore new opportunities.

I always enjoyed organizing different events which were offered by the school, organizations I have been involved in or just on my own (such as official events, international days, cooking evenings, student days “Majales” etc.). I love being surrounded by nice, smart and challenging people who keep me thinking about new opportunities in my life and let me know who I really am…………………smiling, positive, active and crazy mom 🙂.

Currently, I am preparing for the role of mom, gathering the information from different sources such as official babies sites, books and of course practical advice from family and friends. And because I am expecting my first child I decided to share all those practical insights with you, since I thought that it might be interesting to share what I found and What do you know already? 

The life  continues and the story as well

I started this blog 8 years ago. Since that time many things have changed, even wordpress did as a platform for my stories, thoughts, ideas and sharings.

I felt like sharing again who is Crazy Mom in 2017? What have changed? What I am proud of and contrary I am not missing?

  • I have two wonderful sons now. Eduardo is 8 and Carlos is 6 years old

I started 5 businesses:

  • teaching English online – through Skype (did not go, we moved to Venezuela)
  • selling Venezuelan Bisuteria – did not go (Venezuela became unstable)
  • We started Skupiner s.r.o. – company focus was on group discount sales ( did not go, on the market appeared big players and in one year there were 400 portals like ours)
  • I started MLM business Lyoness, reached career 3, built a network of 2 500 registered people and then collapsed psychically – realized that I want to be more with my kids than running after clients, though great experience for sales, personal development, I found great friends and learned a lot about leading team, sales, and my values.
  • Through Skupiner I started to distribute and sell Tapioca pudding, later because of successful increase of orders we have created with the brand owner franchise. We have built network of a 60 distributional places in 1,5 year and were producing about 12000-14 000 pudding a month. Great, demanding, time consuming, self developing. Now? I have lost this business again 🙂 – I have decided that I want more out of it, but the owners did not want to share with me – So I left a business but gained tons of valuable experience about sales, distributions, gastronomy regulations, HACCP, event management, people leading, employer and HR skills, etc.
  • Currently (since January 2017) I am working for a community project www.sousede.cz – great opportunity to utilize my sales experience together with learning new skills from online marketing, selling advertising, making partnership, testing new online product, developing new services, meeting influential decision makers, learning about real estate markets, learning about the world of housing communities etc.

And that is me and my loving husband……….after 9 years knowing each other and 8 years of marriage (4. 4. 2009)

What I have learned?

  • Too much trusting is not healthy – I lost money, time, energy on people where it was not worth it
  • I learned to slow down and not to jump into everything immediately
  • I learned to listen more to my husband
  • I learned to manage my finance regularly – it saved us many times against bad decisions about investing
  • I learned that in order to gain something more I have to do more, be persistent if I start something. To have a coach or mentor if possible (to avoid or minimize loss).
  • I learned to appreciate work of the others
  • I learned to trust and delegate work
  • I proved myself that I can work very hard if I like a job/vocation/occupation – nobody has to push me, nobody has to control me – I have self-controlling mechanism
  • I learned to say no! To express better what I want and what I don’t want.
  • I learned and started to understand better the woman cycles thanks to Cyklicka žena or Cyclical woman from Miranda Gray. – I started to embrace more my womanhood and parenthood
  • I learned to be more patience
  • I gained experience with Waldorf school system and now learning more about Montessori system.
  • The differences of the educational systems can be seen here if you would be interested
  • Together with Carlos we became vegetarians since 5 years ago and now being in Veganism (at least at home 100% – outside as much as possible), I recommend you to watch Cowspiracy movie –  hard to find sometimes vegan restaurants while being in the work or going for the work reunions. But we believe in veganism as a philosophy of life
  • Overall I learned that I have 2 years and 1 mouth – listen more and speak less.. 🙂


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