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Life experience with INTOEING this story is dedicated to all parents which are afraid of intoeing as much as us, that their son/daughter will walk all their life with toes in = intoeing walk Eduardo has the same “problem” or lets saw we

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Where is the switch?

Internal switch What do I mean? I was just recently wondering – where is the internal switch of independency. What is the real reason for the child to decide – MOM, I have enough of your care and I want

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Time for sport

Skying and learning to sky I just came from the mountain trip with my kids and believe me that was great. I have learned a lot in past week and again I confirmed the life truth that everything has its

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Written school review vs. poor notes

Did you get the same questions from your friends and parents regarding your kids as first year schoolers? How is his school review? What are his marks? And I say……..Pardon? Why do you want to know his marks? What does

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Emoce řídí naše zdraví

Minulou noc jsem sledovala záznam z online přednášky Jiřím Vokáčem Čmolíkem a s panem MUDr. Josefem Jonášem  na téma Restart emove a jak emoce ovlivňují naše životy. Doropučuji si tento celý bezplatný záznam poslechnout, protože každý z nás si tím odnese své

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Edík milovník – Eduardo Casanova :)

Spring time, love time There has never been the greates time for love. There simply is great day every day. Our son Eduardo is 6 years old and starts to understand more and more what means to love or more

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Limbic Footprint – Limbický otisk

V tomto článku chci poděkovat svojí kamarádce Mariánce, kolegyňce pracovní a blízké duši za její zpětnou vazbu a email z přednášky od Zuzana Hozhoni, při festivalu o rodičovstcí a porodu (World week of respect for child birth). Mariánka krásně vystihla

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Spring is here and nature is blooming

Today will be just fast and refreshing as the spring is 🙂 My boys love the nature. And this picture will tell everything on behalf of it. Carlitos was hunting the snails in the garden of our friend Alejandro. ……and

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Edik and his tooth fairy :)

Edik and his raton Perez 🙂 This is just quick post about our first tooth out. Since it was emotional story for all of us, I want to remember this special moment. Eduardo is about to reach his 6th B

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How 13 years old boy educates us about the education trap

How Education should serve us to make us happy: If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come with anything original! SKR 8 crutial TLC´s (Therapeutical Lifestyle Changes) of Sir Ken Robinson: Exercise Diet and nutrition Time

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