The most exciting and unique time in every women’s life

Pregnancy the most exciting time in woman’s life. I think that many of us were observing other friends which were already pregnant or were talking about this and wanted  to be come pregnant or you belonged to the group which thought………….I have time I want to enjoy my life still as “free women” and do not want to tight myself. We considered pregnancy as something limitating, we maybe saw more disadvantages than advantages and could not appreciate the change which is happening in our bodies when we start to create new life………………. I remember this time also, and believe me, my pregnancy was not planned yet, but since I consider my age, my background and other conditions I could not choose better time to get pregnant 🙂 .

heartYou know I remember time when I was speaking with my boyfriend Carlos Enrique  (father of our son), what if happen and we will get pregnant and we will become parents. We were discussing our preparedness and also conditions we were currently facing. Both of us are passionate travellers and I thought………………… if I got pregnant and got a child I will not be able to travel that much any more…………….and he said: “Why do you think so?” Our travelling will become even more exciting with our baby, because we will be able to introduce other cultures to our child and explore with him new countries and life styles………………..hmmmm I thought that’s true. Than I tried to imagine, I love dancing and from time to time partying. When I will have a child I will not be allowed, I will need to stay at home, take care about him and I would not be able to go and dance and party………………….and Carlos replied: “Why do you think so?” Would not be the party time and dancing even more enjoyable and funny  if you hold our son in your arms and you will teach him how to dance, that he will be able to break hearts of girls later?…………………hmmmmm I thought that’s tru 🙂 .  And I thought am I ready to have a kid now, is my physical and psychical age the proper now?………………..if not now then when, when I get more tired, older, less passionate of doing all those activities I am used to now. Life is about experiences not about expensive trolleys, toys you buy your kid or branded clothes. He will not appreciate that later, do not bother much with material base, consider it of course but keep it in mind that this is not the most important condition to consider if having baby………………….if you are able to love and care then you are ready as I feel ready now.

There are some links when I started to learn  and search more information about the pregnancy. During the time you will find more and more depending on the topic you are interested in:

If you speak Slavik language (Czech, Skovak or other you can have a look here)

The theory you can read from books, internet, heard from friends is one think…………..but believe me, the theory and real life can differ a lot 🙂

And now to support my assertions mentioned above let me share with you story lasting nine months…………….amazing pregnancy time of Crazy mum 🙂

How was the story of the dancing belly

28Actually as I confessed in the beginning we were not planning baby yet with Carlos but we were talking about him. And since we are passionate travellers we went to Slovenia with our friends to do tracking in the Triglav national park. And since there was wonderful weather, sky was clear, sun was shining, we were walking through virgin nature, not bearing any worries from our home and not thinking to make a baby……………we managed 🙂 So what can I conclude here is that if you want to have a baby, please do not think much of having it, choose some nice place to go with your partner and enjoy every minute which you can spend together. And you will be gifted with baby as it happened in our case 🙂 This advice is general and I think that the most important role plays psyche.

At that time I did not know that I was already pregnant, because non of the common pregnancy signs appeared. I did not have nauseas, I was full of energy (considering that I carried in Slovenia bag pack of weight about 15 Kg whole day for a week does not influence my body not to become pregnant :-)). I just simply felt great and we continued our travelling and planning with Carlosek. After Slovenia we welcomed his mum and auntie from Venezuela and spend with them few days in Prague and then we moved to northern part of Italy where we travelled for a week across the country.


As i said we are passionate travellers so when I came back to the Czech Republic I had to passed few exams and finish university summer semester. Carlosek was in that time working for Skype in Estonia so he had to flew back. But it was not the end of our travelling story for the belly :-). There was summer holiday coming and I started think what I will do over summer. I got attracted by the summer exchange opportunity in Thailand and decided to spend my last student holidays in the Kasetsart University in Bangkok and learn more about the local culture, mentality and country itself. So when I finished my courses I packed my suitcase and in the beginning of June moved to Thailand. What I still did not consider was that I was already almost 2 months pregnant :-). I started to explore Bangkok and Thailand because my courses were surprisingly starting in the end of the months not in the beginning as it was agreed………….on the other hand this change in schedule was great opportunity for to spend as much time as possible on my exploratory missions :-).

8_weekRegarding to my unknown pregnancy I started to be curious why I did not have my period. I thought first that it is just natural reaction of my body on the climate change, new conditions, shift in time, heat etc. Simply everything was so different that I was not surprised. Also I had problem with irregular period, I used to think that once when I will decide to have a baby, it will take time and effort to persuade my body and that I will struggle. Now I know……no worries are allowed and everything will be just great and smooth. And time was passing and I thought that I am not taking contraception pills for more than half a year and maybe it will be good to test whether………………. I did not believe in that but just in case, never knows. And the result was……..try to guess, YES I did pregnancy test twice, in two days and always same surplice two lines appeared and that moment whole life changed. Honestly my feelings were totally mixed. First I felt absolutely happy and excited………….I was jumping and with shining face watching the test and thinking that I will become mum. The second feeling came after, like wow I did not finished my school yet; what will Carlosek say, we did not plan baby yet; how will react family, I am not married, still student, I know Carlosek just about a year; Where I will live with baby, how I will support him financially and so on and so on. Classical thoughts of responsible young girl, who faced unexpected situation like this. I had to decided and I have to be honest that I decided immediately. I want my baby no matter under which conditions I was. This is the most awesome thing which could have happened to me and I always wanted to have family. I believed that everything else can be solved and managed and that Carlosek will be also excited and happy knowing this great news.

Since I did the test my life changed. At least my perception of surrounding conditions changed. I felt more excited about all things happening around and I started to observed and feel all little details more deeply. I was keeping in my mind whether also my baby can see those things through my eyes, to feel and smell and enjoy as I was. In the beginning I was more concern what I am eating, if I practise enough sport, if I do not spend too much time on the sun and so on. But later I thought that I should not worry much and rather enjoy every moment, because my baby will feel that I am happy and enthusiastic rather than nervous and stress “what……..if”.  So what followed was life joy………………….travelling, partying, practising sports, exploring new places, meeting new friends, eating everything what I found new and interesting. And since I lived really active life I have lost about 8 Kg in the beginning. I started to visit local hospital. Really cosy place, with smiling doctors and nurses. I used to go three times per week for foot massage and in a meanwhile I was attending school in Bangkok and passed two exams :). Time was running like crazy and after all those exciting trips and events which were happening on daily basis, my summer school was over and I moved to Malaysia, where Carlosek started to work. We spend together nearly full September, we explored Kuala Lumpur bit more, we travelled to Camerron high lands and I celebrated my 25 birthday, we danced, we laughed and enjoyed the feeling of becoming parents. Being in Malaysia brought to my life more order, because I started to work on my master thesis and instead of loosing more weight because of constant eating of rice like in Thailand, I started to cook things I enjoyed more and my weight turn back to normal. Just for you within first 3 months I lost 8 kg s and looked as skinny cat, but in Malaysia I got to back to normal and put my kilograms back :-).

Again time passed so fast that I did not recognize that I have to pack suitcase and move back to the heart of Europe.  I met so nice people in Asia and enjoyed my life fully.  I arrived to the Czech Republic on 25. September and since that time my life started to run like the real carousel. I had to pass 10 courses in the school, I got part-time job, I was writing my final thesis, I started to attend exercising for pregnant, I was meeting my friends and sharing my travelling stories, I used to go swimming and started to visit doctors because of my pregnancy and search more information and I was missing Carlos the most but could not think about that. In the mean while I decided with my parents to pain my room because baby should come to nice environment so in the end my initiative turned into whole flat activity and two weeks of work, painting, cleaning and ordering stuff. I always tries to stay positive in my mind and active which helped me to cope with any kind of problem. During my stay in Asia I started to miss my home food, so when I came home I was eating soooooo much that I still wonder that I did not explode. Everybody was just laughing and offering me more and more with words “don’t worry, just eat, you are eating for two” but in the fact I ate for three and more. Two lunches in the school canteen was not problem for me. And I enjoyed sweet stuff, anything……..chocolate, cookies, cakes, candies……….whatever (this was only thing which change in my appetite so far and we could consider it as cravies). And what was the most surprising for me was that I did not put weight till the end of 7 months. That I had about 2 Kg more above my regular weight it means that in that time I had cc 60 Kg/170 cm. I even did not have time to thing that I am pregnant, because there were many things happening around me. Time was passing and on 26. November arrived Carlosek into our new home. I was really happy and since that time he was with me and was taking care about me. He was working from home and I was attending school and preparing for my final examination period and graduation. During the time I passed all 10 exams and finished my master thesis. We celebrated Christmas and New Year Eve with our friends and since the beginning of 2009 I started to prepare for graduation. My baby was studying with me of course. Edie was carefully listening from the belly and when I said something wrong he kicked me :-). Within my 8 months my belly started to grow and finally people around me could see that I am pregnant. Till that time I was considered as slim, young, crazy mum with no signs showing my pregnancy. Whole preparation for my final graduation was enjoyable because I could do thinks I enjoyed. I used to cook every day, I studied few hours, I practised sports, we used to went dancing with Carlosek, I was meeting my friends and I was mentally so calm like never before…………simply great. When I look back I have to be really grateful for my pregnancy, because I did not have any struggle even single problem. Many mothers companied around me because of some pain, but could not say anything because I did not have any bigger problem. Just once when the Edie turned down his head he pushed some muscles or nerves and my hip joint got blocked. But I took it as part of the change in my body. I found special exercises for this and cure myself within 2 weeks. Since that time I was only concern how to enjoy those few weeks of pregnancy. I would say that since 25th week I started to feel movements in my belly. In the beginning it was like I would have had small fish in my belly which from time to time bounce into my skin 🙂 it was really interesting feeling. Recently I feel that I have big baloon with 8-legs octopus which is doing turns and kicks especially in the time when I want to go to bed 🙂 But every single movement is like caress which Edie sends to me.

Now I am in 41st week, I have around 94-98 cm around my waist, and 66 Kg (sometimes 68 depends how much I ate :-)). I feel still really well, I sleep like baby over night, I still go for walk, but now for shorter time. I do exercise if I feel back pain, which is not often……….surprise for me because I have scoliosis problem since I was 13. I attended with Carlosek St. Valentines party in my friends place because I felt like to do it and I am waiting for Edie to be born. Calmly with exciting feeling I am waiting how the birth will feel like and especially when I will be able for first time hug my baby and caress him without touching my belly. And if you ask me whether I am afraid of labour I will answer NO!……….because why should I….millions of mothers survived that and I will soon enter the hall of fame with them. And do not worry I will share with you later how it was 🙂

My testimony

  1. Before you get pregnant, live as much active life as possible including sports and healthy life style, because I strongly believe that thanks to my previous way of living I hd great pregnancy and no health issues compare to other mothers.
  2. If you want to get pregnant, do not think much, just go for it, relax or escape with your partner from everyday ordinary carousel ………………….and if you don’t want to get pregnant, it will happen sooner or later anyway, do not worry 🙂
  3. Once you get pregnant, live your life in the same way as you did so far, do things which you enjoyed before. In this way you will already imprint it also to your baby. If you like practising sports… it, if you like dancing………….just dance, if you like partying…….than party, just please do not jump much (no higher than 50 cm above dancing floor) from my own experience I can say that it can be a bit harming especially the feelings the day after 🙂
  4. Carefully listen all advices which will be given by your family, friends and partner………but act according to your best feeling and select only those once which you consider as applicable for you. IT IS YOUR LIFE AND YOUR PREGNANCY.
  5. If you feel sick or you have weird cravies……………be grateful, because it means that you are pregnant and you are much better off than thousand of other mothers which can not be pregnant and they would like to be.
  6. Pregnancy lasts only 9 months (40 weeks or 280 days)…………so enjoy every day as I did, even sometimes you can feel tired, more emotional, especially in the end heavier 🙂 but it is just temporary, this unique time will never come back.
  7. Remember every kick of your baby and his turns, how it feels and even he is pushing your urinary bladder that you need to go on toilet every 15 min and your rips and other organs will be used instead of punch bag…………laugh and think how little space he has in the belly and how he tries to communicate with you already and that by punching you it mean that he is well develped and strong enough to be born into this world………….and if your baby has regular jums then he is probably hipping and he drank a bit of fetus water :-).
  8. I would recommend you to sing and smile and say gratitude for every day, because than your internal melody and your smile will be transmitted to your baby and also other people will be nicer on you.
  9. Let yourself spoil by your partner, let him do everything what you enjoy…… my case scratching my back, giving me massage, caressing me and our belly, because you deserve it. Once one of my female friend said to our male friend…………….” You guys, you just enjoy and you just do ” tsssss tsssss” and that’s it, and then we girls have to carry our babies for 9 months…………so it means that to make pregnancy time as pleasurous as possible Our partners have to take care about us and pay it back 🙂 there is no excuse!!!
  10. Gather as many information as possible about pregnancy, but be selective, you should know which information is applicable for you and what is already too much and for sure enjoy every minute of this unique time.

To proof my story regarding to unlimited activities you can perform, there are added few videos from my pregnancy time. ENJOY 🙂

  • Ultrasound scanning from the 32nd week.  You can see there Edie had and that he is sucking his thumb, than you can observe his heart-throb.

  • Bit of sport: Sliding crazy mum in the 8th month of her pregnancy…………hehehe nothing is impossible, enjoying winter time 🙂

: Playing table tenis

  • Bit of dancing, Devil dance during the St. Mikolas party. There is never enough of dancing 🙂


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7 comments on “Pregnancy
  1. Tya says:

    my fav page 🙂 I will remember all ur story for the future 🙂

    • zlatavaskova says:

      I am happy to hear it, really. It is such a pleasure to know that I have my readers which likes what I write and that it is bringing happiness to your live. I love to share my stories and every comment like this just support me to continue with writing.

      Keep commenting and let me know if you like my little life stories


    • zlatavaskova says:

      Hi Tya, I am happy that you will remember my story but I wish you to have your own life story which will stay in your heart.

      With love


    • zlatavaskova says:

      Hi Tya,
      I am happy that you like my story. Actually do you have your family or not yet? Just curious 🙂 I love my life and I hope that my story will be taken as funny and enjoyable by others and I believe that most of my friends will take it as inspiration that pregnancy and life with kid is not the end of life, I would say that is even vise versa.


  2. Tsvetana says:

    Dear Zlata,
    Thank you for sharing your pregnancies experience here. Me and my husband are planning children but I don’t feel ready yet for the carriage and especially the delivery. So reading your posts about how exciting you felt and how active you were through both pregnancies make me I bit more relaxed about what I can expect.
    Keep on smiling! 🙂
    All the best,
    Tsveti (from “Invest Yourself” conference in Poland 2006)

    • zlatavaskova says:

      Dear Tsveti,

      I understand you very well I think. You have at least some time to think about planning your kids. With Edie I just became mum without any previous announcement and without any idea how it could look like, how motherhood feels like and did not have time to think much. There is certainly not the right time to decide I think. becasue you have no idea what is waiting for you until you became mom.
      I can just support to to try it, even this try will last forever :)……..but believe me, even this is the hardest job in our life it is also the most exciting journey for every women.

      Hugs and kisses Tsveti

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