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Life prepares for us moments worth to experience

Dear friends, Today, rainy, foggy and again rainy Prague day. Thinking how to entertain our boys. After we passed houseworks I was cooking with Carlitos. He managed to cut his finger, so we also managed to calm him down and

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Intro of companies making creative toys for kids

Creativity…..the most amazing thing in human being life I love creative people who are able to stand out of the crowed and come up with something new special and beneficial for the rest of society. Today within the kids day

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Skiing with the kids, enjoying winter holiday

Dear ski lovers, same as I am! I try to teach that also to my kids. Thought the best learning is hands on learning, so by showing them that sport is fun and demonstrating on my own I believe that

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How to teach your baby to cook?

Cooking and eating with Edie There is not such a think like that. They are just there with you and if you want to avoid your kids in the kitchen you will be rather punished by them than you will

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First proper winter of Edie

Snow snow and again snow What is good news that Edie likes it. He does not mind about coldness, he understood how much he has to dress and that he has to be protected to be happy in the snow

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