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Venezuela versus Colombia

Hugo Chávez vs Álvaro Uribe Vélez This post will be dedicated to the all people of Venezuela and Colombia. I wanted to write this post based on my half year experience living and travelling in Venezuela and Colombia. I have

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Amazing Colombia

How I found my new family I have not been in touch with you my dear readers for some time. And there is one simple reason for that because I have been travelling with Carlos and Edie for 3 weeks

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St. Valentine’s day spend in Caracas

Day of lovers and friendship (El Dia del Amor y la Amistad) The day of Lovers in Venezuela especially in Caracas was very lovely and “tropically hot” day. in general there is nothing new about the celebration, you can see

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Carnival in Venezuela

Carnival celebration By simple words I would describe Carnival in Latin America such as the dance and fun  of colors. I remember that in Czech Republic we do have something similar called “Masopust” the time when we get dressed and have

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Houses in Venezuela have not only soul but also name

What is the name of your house? Hmmmm this is very nice question. And when my friend ask how is my address in Venezuela because she wanted to send me Christmas postcard I started to sweat. Here to give an

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How Edie got a new niece…..hmmm nice kitty

Jaguar daughter It is such a great thing if the you have large family, because every member is bringing its unique value to the group. I got very excited about the animal world of our close friend, Carlos brother. “Tio

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3 month versus 3 years

Maternity leave Have you ever thought how great opportunity have all mothers living in the Czech and Slovak Republic because they have maternity leave for 3 years compare to 3 month in Latin America? I have been thinking how great

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Healing power of the sea or else Edie with his “medicine man- Tio Chocolate Daniel”

Day near by the sea side with “tio chaman” Did you ever got prescribed by the doctor the medicine such as day spend at the sea side. If not then Edie is the lucky one because he got this great

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Washing clothes with Jabón Azul

Jabón Azul versus the Soap with deer (Mýdlo s jelenem) You know how every mother tries to help its child as much as possible. So my mum is not any different. So before leaving Czech Republic she was pushing me

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Baby food in Venezuela – general cooking

Salt over the gold Salt! Some smart people say that salt is more than gold and even in one of the Czech fairytale the daughter of king proved that 🙂 But to make a point is. In my home land

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