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First steps

Edie’s first steps on his own Life is such a curious thing. Since we are born we are constantly learning new things but compare to the first 3 years of our life when we have to learn most of the

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10 month are here and new things came

10 month life story continue jajajaj the life is game worth to play. And since Edie is very playful and big explorador we have reached through games another month. Within this month happened many things and because every change is

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3 month versus 3 years

Maternity leave Have you ever thought how great opportunity have all mothers living in the Czech and Slovak Republic because they have maternity leave for 3 years compare to 3 month in Latin America? I have been thinking how great

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8 month and life on the other hemisphere

8 monthary Edie is growing, life is running and we as nomad family are moving. He has the unique opportunity to celebrate his 8th month in the Andes mountains trip through Venezuela. I could have dreamed about that for many

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7 month report

Huraiii, 7 monthary is here 😉 You will not believe me, I did not believe myself also, but when I looked into the calendar I realised that Edie reached his 7 month. I will write just breafly today because as

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Edie turned 6th month

half a year is heeeere I can not believe that but Eide turned on Sunday 23.8.09 6th month. We have been celebrating with him during long trip in the caves in south part of Czech Republic and I believe that

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Edie reached 5 month adventure :)

Edie and his 5 month journey It has been already some time when he was born and I have been observing my son closely every day. We used to spend whole day by playing, learning, travelling, singing, dancing and doing

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breast milk influence development of brain and kids IQ

BABY BRAIN FOOD During the first year of life, your child’s brain grows rapidly – the brain and nervous system continue to develop until about the age of three – and it’s important to make sure your baby gets the

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Baby can dance earlier than walk :)

Edie’s Tunak Tunak Tun Dance 🙂 I just had one old memory dated back to Edie’s 2nd month. I realised that time is passing so fast that I missed to share with you Edie’s first dance. Maybe you know that

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Project GiftED……….how to change the old not working education system

My dear friends I would like to share with you great blog and future project of my friend Melissa Greczy who started to run and collect ideas related to new way of parenting and educating our kids since early beginning

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