Edie turned 6th month

half a year is heeeere

P1010857I can not believe that but Eide turned on Sunday 23.8.09 6th month. We have been celebrating with him during long trip in the caves in south part of Czech Republic and I believe that he enjoyed his trip fully.
But this short post should summarize what have happened during last month.

Confession time:

  • Edie had fallen 2 more times from the bed. Not only to me but also behind Carlos back………he is our strong guy really!
  • He went to doctor which needed to clean his tear eye channels, he had 3 medical helps and now his eyes are clean and beautiful like never before.
  • He reached 65 cm and 7 400g and he starts to be nicely heavy while I am carrying him in his carrier 🙂
  • since he turned his 6 month and he was fully breastfed so far he started with his vegetables (carrot seems to be nice to him) luckily 🙂
  • We tried to apply also new theory of no diaper so we started to train him to go on potty…….let see I am holding him and he is successfully getting used to…….less diapers and more happiness for our baby.
  • We started his sleeping routine much more sticker. I feed him at 7pm, then bath him and after he goes to bet. Although he is able to fall asleep easily after 8:30 pm he is still fighting with gases and used to wake up few time at night. Even he does not want to eat he just wants to be hugged and get rid of his pain.
  • He is starting to lift his bottom and instead of cowling front he is sliding on his belly backward, it is funny and a bit dangerous. He is moving in the direction which nobody would expect 🙂
  • He is grabbing into his hands everything what is around. And his left hand is a bit more skillful than his right hand. So maybe he will be left-handie person, let see.
  • He enjoys to be among the people and the most if somebody is talking to him, and keeps the eye contact. He is able to laugh very strongly and more often than before.
  • He is talking in his baby language. Something like euuu, hauuuu, ba, ba sometimes it sounds like real sentences. We have been laughting when he said something like “how are you”. But in his way. We are already betting in which language will be his first word whether in Czech, Spanish or English.

Now I am very excited what will come as next. I hope he will start to crawl more and maybe he will say some real word already. Lets see what the 7 month will bring.

Some more pictures from our 6th month celebration journey:


The watch tower in Veselice 610m high


P1010889Edies first spoon



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