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Edie and his 2nd Bday

2nd B-day of Edie You can beleive me or not, but it is really here. 24 months passed since he was born and the date 23. february 2009 will be forever written in our hearts like the day of his

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29 weeks of the 2nd pregnancy (7th month) – confession, thoughts, self being

Imagine that, 7th month started I can not believe the calendar already, because I am promising myself to write more often about my feelings, just not to forget what is happening during this wonderful time, but the time is just

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Christmas time in wild wild central Europe

Christmas and New Year’s Eve, what a special days in the year. We are living ordinary 24 hours day but with special filling of it. We try to be nicer, we try to be together, we try to do more

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First proper winter of Edie

Snow snow and again snow What is good news that Edie likes it. He does not mind about coldness, he understood how much he has to dress and that he has to be protected to be happy in the snow

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Edie and his 20-21 months life story

Edie is a big boy This title can express a lot from what I am going to tell you now. It is such unbelievable how fast he is Growing. When I started to go through the pictures and stories I

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Funny stories from Edies kindergarden

Hi dear readers, I have been laughting soo may times recently that I have to share with you few stories from Edie´s kinder. Obviously as we thought with Carlos he loves the teachers, kids and simply the fact to be

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How we made from Edie “girl” the “guy” so called (“Stříhaly do hola malého chlapečka”))

Angel, the little hairy angel………… the story is over The decision about the hairstyle is the think of parents, especially in the beginning of our lives. I have been listening many stories about my parents, how their parents destroyed their

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Edie in Colombia and his 13 months

13 month and big journey I think that there are not many babies who has possibility to experience that much as Edie had. During his first year he had traveled through 2 continents, visited Czech Republic, Austria, Venezuela, and as

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First steps

Edie’s first steps on his own Life is such a curious thing. Since we are born we are constantly learning new things but compare to the first 3 years of our life when we have to learn most of the

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The funny moments in Edie’s life

Fun, Joy & Laugh I think that the most important job of all parents is to make their babies happy. And I think that most of us try to thrive for excellence. It is not always easy especially if you

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