Edie in Colombia and his 13 months

13 month and big journey

I think that there are not many babies who has possibility to experience that much as Edie had. During his first year he had traveled through 2 continents, visited Czech Republic, Austria, Venezuela, and as his present for 13 monthary he went with us to Colombia. We traveled for 3 weeks and he could see and visit many new places and meet his extended family and gain new friends.

But what have changed and which improvements Edie did?

  • Edie has now about 10 Kg and 78 cm.
  • He started to walk, his first steps are very funny but he did his few passes from one place to another one without holding anything except himself 🙂
  • He is eating like a king, whatever I serve him he eats. He is not picky and he started to eat on his own. He wants to try new flavors, new things and he likes to experiment. His favorite dish is fruit such as pear or banana or apple. He loves cheeses and prefer pasta and rice over potato.
  • He has still a bit of mother milk. I am breastfeeding him only in the morning. Such as our good morning. Little bit of caressing and intimate moment. True is if he is fussy during the day or has some pain I let him a bit more with his “boobie pacifier”. And why? Because I love him a lot 🙂
  • He loves to be outside and explore new things. He loves water and wants to swim and play no matter on place and time. If he is in my arms he is food friend with other people but he needs to have me close by.

  • He learned how to blink with both eyes (this kind of pixy blink for girls) and he can through a flying kiss. Which this two tricks he is making crazy every girl 🙂

  • He loves music, dancing, playing instruments, doing sports, outside action. He likes travelling too because outside he is much more calmer than insight. He likes countryside and playing in the grass rather than in the beton of the city. He loves to put everything into his mouth so I have to be careful of him. He loves to climb different things such as chair, table, wardrobe, box etc.

  • Edie is very curious about everything. If I do not let him to do some thing or I take any object from his hands he gets very angry. He starts to cry, he put himself on the ground and starts to kick his legs and wave with his hands. He always puts his head into everything I do. He needs to see what I do. He make me company even on the toilet just to be sure what am I doing? He loves to open things, to put one thing into the another one. He is trashing any kind of dirt to the bin but than he is taking it out. If he founds something on the ground he is offering it to me as great eating. He loves to take mobile phone or remote controls and pretend that he is calling with somebody. It is such a funny thing 🙂 Simply he needs to see,  touch and taste.

  • He is sleeping much better now and more balanced. He is waking up about 5am and with my “human pacifier” he is able to sleep about 2 more hours. Than we have breakfast and after he takes a short nap. About 1 hour max from 9-10. After he has busy time of playing, gym, exploring. We are having lunch between 12-1pm depend on the breakfast time and than he is taking nap from 2:30 or 3pm about 1 hour or 1,5. Later he usually has dinner at 7, after bath and goes to bed around 8 or 8:30. depends on his daily activity. He sleeps during hole night. He just wakes up to drink once or twice per night. He takes his water and falls asleep calmly again.

  • Edie got two new teeth. So he has 4 front upper teeth  and 2 lower.

I thought that after one year there will be not many things to write. But there is always something happening and Edie is still developing and improving so much that I decided to continue with his development reports.

Keep tuned to hear more about his next month improvements. Coming soon :)…..


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