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I am ONE year old boy Carlitos

Imagine history goes over and over again And one year after I am writing again that my son is ONE year old. But now this story will be all devoted to Carlitos. My little big angel. How it started: Some

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8 month fairy tale and something more

Here we go, put up your hands because Carlitos reached 8 months and many improvements Since I am lately not managing to write the posts on time, I try to remind myself by pictures what have happened that time. Though

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15-16 month report

15th and 16th month story of Edies diary Today I will speak generally about the biggest improvements and changed which have happened in Edie’s life. You know as 1st time parent you are always surprised by your child. And because

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14 month and independent walking

Walking, talking, growing…. Time is something unmeasurable, unstoppable and the only thing what I am doing with Edie is to keep pace with his fast development. Many times I have been only observing my son with open mouth because he is constantly

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Edie in Colombia and his 13 months

13 month and big journey I think that there are not many babies who has possibility to experience that much as Edie had. During his first year he had traveled through 2 continents, visited Czech Republic, Austria, Venezuela, and as

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First year celebration – 12 month of Edie’s life

1st year, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes……… That is the count down of one year life and believe me in the early age of our life this is one of the most exciting time with highest speed of development.

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