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Objection: I don’t like to approach new people

The most common MLM objections from the prospects: I don’t like to approach new people, I don’t like to “hunt new sheeps”  Call it how you want…..I would call it, I am soooo affraid that somebody will tell me NO,

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Have it ALL, Family, Work and personal time? Possible or Impossible combination?

HOW TO HAVE IT ALL: Advice From 10 Rockstar Startup Executives Who Are Parents  Dear friends, I just want to share with you my curent thoughts which were described in the best way by Emily Hickey. I love what she

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15-16 month report

15th and 16th month story of Edies diary Today I will speak generally about the biggest improvements and changed which have happened in Edie’s life. You know as 1st time parent you are always surprised by your child. And because

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The funny moments in Edie’s life

Fun, Joy & Laugh I think that the most important job of all parents is to make their babies happy. And I think that most of us try to thrive for excellence. It is not always easy especially if you

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Carnival in Venezuela

Carnival celebration By simple words I would describe Carnival in Latin America such as the dance and fun  of colors. I remember that in Czech Republic we do have something similar called “Masopust” the time when we get dressed and have

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Little devil

Little devil in action If you want to see little devil than you have unique opportunity now. Look at this little angle who is hiding insight his true face. But we as caring parents were able to capture his crazy

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When babies laugh you can hear the angel bells :)

Eide’s laugh There is nothing more gorgeous and cheerful compare to your kid laugh. In the moment when you are sad or you do not have your moment it is enough to hear babie’s laugh and you will be immediately

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The inspiration for family costume party

Family Adams………huge fun and easy preparation I was about to write this little story already some time ago but I found the time now. It is already more than month when we were invited by our friend to attend the

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Dalton system (learning is fun and joy not torture!!!)

Dear friends, If you are considering which school should your kid attend try to think about this educational system/approach which was developed long time ago and which breaks all the awful rules of conservative learning approach and give your child

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