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I could have had it all…..

What does it mean? To have it all? This post is devoted to the saying: That if you think that you are truly happy and that you have everything that you wanted in your life to have. Always come thing/moment/event/life

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Vegan nutrition? – YES or NO or WHY Not?

Did you ever wonder why we eat meat? – I did not for many years Have you ever got a comment from your parents while saying: “Mom I am full, can I leave the dish”? – Yes, you can, plus just

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The funny moments in Edie’s life

Fun, Joy & Laugh I think that the most important job of all parents is to make their babies happy. And I think that most of us try to thrive for excellence. It is not always easy especially if you

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St. Valentine’s day spend in Caracas

Day of lovers and friendship (El Dia del Amor y la Amistad) The day of Lovers in Venezuela especially in Caracas was very lovely and “tropically hot” day. in general there is nothing new about the celebration, you can see

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First days in Caracas

Our first days Actually our crew which flew to Caracas was me, Carlos, Edie and my dad. He needed to take some time off so he decided to travel with us and experience the culture of Latin America. As I

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Do you appreciate your family enough?

Family, husband, kids, life……… I just had one very philosophical thought which I wanted to share and ask you other mothers around the world. Have you ever thought if you appreciate your family enough? I believe that you sometimes feel

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What makes the relationship happy and successfull

Tolerance and love as key to the happy family life I decided to write a bit about my today thought. I was walking with my husband Carlos and we were having one of our chats as we are used to

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Mom’s bag…..funkie, junkie story of the life

How young girl became mom 🙂 My bag will be never that perfect but it does not matter……..I love my messy bag 🙂 I Became mom easily. Maybe more easily than I could have ever thought. Once I woke up

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