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I could have had it all…..

What does it mean? To have it all? This post is devoted to the saying: That if you think that you are truly happy and that you have everything that you wanted in your life to have. Always come thing/moment/event/life

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I have hard belly… you know what it means?

Hard belly That is quite curious thing from your body how to say…..hey future mom, slow down 🙂 Since I have more experience with pregnancy after Edie, when I did not know anything about feeling, about how the healthy pregnancy

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15 weeks – 2nd baby diary

How the things goes, how do I feel, how is the life of second baby? Those are the questions I am asked the most, so I decided to share with you, with my future little one and make some note

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CRAZYYYYY 12 babies pregnancy

Record in pregnancy……..Antinature post You have to see this, in the Tunisia is the becoming mum of 12 kids and I am not kidding. This is something unbelieveble and I think that I do not envy this women. Has to

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Rich moms have sons! :)

Rich moms have sons and Poor moms have girls! 🙂 What is true about that? There was done new study from Newcastle University which speaks about this topic. I got interested by the title and kept reading till the end.

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Labor – the Day of new life

Labor is THE hard work…………. nobody can say that is not……….. but at the end of this job you can expect the highest remuneration in your life 🙂 The story of one belly which is not a belly any more:

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