Labor – the Day of new life

Labor is THE hard work…………. nobody can say that is not……….. but at the end of this job you can expect the highest remuneration in your life 🙂


The story of one belly which is not a belly any more:

My dear friends, many of you were asking how was the labor day, how I felt and how did we manage. So I decided to write about this great and exciting day which definitely changed my life at the end.

You might not now but my labor day was set up on 11st of February 2009 and I was praying that Edie will not come earlier, because I had my graduation examination in my university on the 26th of January. So what was happening in the meanwhile was that I was caressing my belly and persuading Edie to stay……….. so he was probably that used to it that he really stayed as long as it was possible. So doctors decided that it is already time for him to be born , since I was already over carrying about 12 days.

I was asked to come to hospital on 22nd of February to be tested under the Oxytocyn (hormone which is used for induction and causes the contraction of the uterus). I was connected to cardio-tocograph and tested how the uterus works and how Edie is reacting. I must say that this test was not unpleasant, except the fact that I had to sit on the chair at least 20-30 minutes and waited. During this test and with oxytocyn in my blood Edie started to move and my uterus reacted in a way that I started to have contractions every 10 minutes. And actually I finally realized what a CONTRACTION really is. Easily described it is a contraction of uterus muscles which causes the feelings of having a hard belly. Try to imagine that you did at least 60 pushups in 1 minute and then you will feel that your belly is tense. I felt that my belly is doing push ups without any effort and when doctors observed Edie how he was behaving they were satisfied. They said that I am ready to deliver next day without any problem.

I was happy to hear that news and went back to my room in the hospital. Carlosek was the whole day with me so I had a calm feeling in my heart and mind and I believed that everything will be fine and that next day I will labor my baby. I was sharing my room with another 3 ladies. One was a young girl from Indian origins who actually had the opposite issue. She was kept in hospital, because her baby wanted to be born already but she was only in 35th week, so doctors tried to keep the baby insight the belly till 38th week to be sure that all organs had developed correctly.  The other girl have been already waiting for delivery for 2 days, and that night she was having contractions every few minutes, she was making this silent groaning noise like when somebody is teasing you. She tried to be calm and fight against the pain by walking and calling to her family and husband. The third one was there only for observation purposes, nothing special.

I tried to fall a sleep but unfortunately the silent groaning was keeping me awake. I started to think how it might feel to have stronger contractions and there were many thoughts running through my head. But I felt pretty good. Even I had contractions every 10 min and I was waiting whether the oxytocyn test will not induce already labor, I was still calm and I was enjoying every moment…… I got finally tired and thanks to my good sleeping habits I fall asleep and woke up at 6 am the other day.

I went to the deliverdscn0089y room and they gave me 2 suppositories to open my body for labor and told me to come at 9 for another one. At 8 came Carlosek because he wanted to share every possible moment with me during the labor day. Thanks to the suppositories I started to have contractions every 5 minutes and they were also stronger. At 9 I came to the delivery room again to get another suppositories with hormones to push Edie and start up the labor process. Thanks to this step I got contractions every minute, it started to be much more intense and I would call that pain and feelings like stronger menstruation problems. I did not feel this movie pain where the women is screaming like being tortured. The pain was bearable and I was still smiling.  After I had contractions every minute I moved with Carlosek to one of the delivery rooms. They connected me to cardio-tocograh and were they could observe how is Edie reacting to the contractions. But as I said he really did not want to go out of my belly, so even they gave me hormones he did not want to move out. At 11 am the doctor came and broke my fetus water. She took a big scissors and did the cut into the uterus. I got afraid a bit when I saw them but I did not feel anything. Only water started to run out of my body. She said that it was roily, so the possibility for natural delivery was shortened because if Edie would have drank that water during the labor process he could have poison himself, and it was something I really did not wanted. During the time considering that I had contraction every minute since 9am I was becoming tired. I was half minute sleeping and half minute breathing through the contractions. They were becoming stronger and I was happy that Carlosek was with me, holding my hand, playing nice music and talking to me. Doctors were getting desperate, because Edie was not reacting well on the hormones and he was either moving too much or sleeping and he was not moving down to the labor roads. Time was passing and I was more and more in tense and I went to the bathtub to relax a bit. I  poured hot water over my body and Carlosek gave me massage on my back. But at the end it did not release the pain much, but only temporary. At 1pm the doctor decided that I should get another portion of oxytocyn to push baby out of my body. She said that I will have stronger contractions but not that often. But I would not agree. The pain was increasing, the contractions were stronger but kept still 1 min interval. I was getting really tired and everybody was waiting for the head physician. He finally came at 1:30 when I did have strong contractions but Edie was still too far a way from labor roads. Than I got suggested to go for a C-cut, otherwise it could have been harmful for Edie to wait longer. I decided for him to be better off of course so at the end I had to accept the C-cut, even I did not want it at the beginning……… but every mother would do the best for her baby. Then it was a matter of few minutes, I had to sign a necessary papers to agree to go for the cut and then I was transported into the surgery place.

familyI do not remember what happened later, because I got whole body anesthesia and at 13:43 Edie was born. Carlosek had to stay out of the surgery place and he received Edie after he was born. Then he came with him into my room where I was transported after the delivery. They told him that I will be sleeping at least 2 hours but I woke up 30 min after the surgery.  I wanted to see my son. Carlosek went for him and brought him to me. When I saw him for first time I wanted to cry. The hormones caused that I was soooooo happy that he is healthy, beautiful and I will always remember his new born smell. I tried to moved but it was too painful, because of the surgery but soon I forgot all the pains because I had my baby in my arms. As used to be said. The labor is a hard work but definitely is worth it and within few days I became fit and back in good conditions. Actually before I delivered I had 65 Kg and after delivery 58. Now I am already in my second week and I lost another 2 kgs since I am breastfeeding.

I believe that every women is strong enough to overcome any bad feelings. the labor day is only a matter of psychics, because if you feel great and you accept that this day is special then we can not have any bigger obstacles with delivering our babies. And the feeling after is the most exciting time I have ever experienced. I am actually still wondering how the belly became the baby and that this small miracle is unbelieveble.

Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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2 comments on “Labor – the Day of new life
  1. KT says:

    Congratulations Zlata!! you have a very nice blog. We don’t know each other in person, but Carlos is a very good friend of mine. Congratulations for your beautiful family and best wishes!


    • zlatavaskova says:

      Hi dear Karla, who is friend of my husband counts among my friends too. Thanks for appreciation. It is fun for me and I hope that some other young women can find also useful information or at least similar situation.
      Have a nice time and keep reading and commenting and tell your friends.

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