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Hi dear frineds and visitors. I will be happy to share with you and see you among my blog visitors.

Please sign my book to let me know from where you came to visit me.

Have a nice day

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7 comments on “Guest book
  1. zlatavaskova says:

    Hi girls, happy to see you here 🙂 thanks for signing my blog. Hope to see other readers too.

  2. Eduardo says:

    Hi, i just whanted to pass and say:


    Eduardo is so beautiful.

    hope to see the 3 of u this december in Vzla

    Kisses, Eduardo y Elisa.

  3. Darca says:

    Hello Zlati,

    from time to time I read your blog and I find it very interesting! To be honest, recently I’ve been rather busy so there are a few posts that I haven’t managed to read yet… but I surely will!
    Anyway, there is a thing that I am interested in and I wanted to ask you about it: How do you talk to Eddie? I mean what languages do you speak to him? And how does it work? Have you found any interesting articles about this topic?
    Haha, too many questions, I know. The thing is – I read about different approaches to teaching a child more languages and I’m interested in your opinion and experience.

    I’m looking forward to reading your oncoming posts!

    Greetings from Holland to your and your lovely family!

    • zlatavaskova says:

      Hi Dari,
      thank a lot for being my reader, I hope that everything I come through in my moms life will be once useful for other followers 🙂
      But regarding to your question. So far we keep 3 languages in Edies life. I speak with him only in Czech, Carlos in Spanish and English is our couple language so he is listening also that. I will tell you more about our successes and failures when he starts to speak, but I can already say that he starts to recognize our talking. I think that he can understand each of us while speaking with him.
      My teacher said that she have learned that the kids are able to recognize the native language of parents so it is important to speak with baby in your mother language and do not imitate the partner language. SO we are doing that.

      Lots of hugs and wishes my dear

  4. Monika Šebestová says:

    Dobrý den,
    velmi mě zaujal Váš článek o penězích.Jelikož se nacházíme s mužem v podobné situaci (já na mateřské,on začínající programátor),řešíme peníze víc než před tím.Chci Vás poprosit,zda byste mi mohla poslat Vaši tabulku výdajů.Pak bych se chtěla zeptat na učet “Finanční svoboda”,moc nechápu jeho smysl,o čem pojednává?
    Nemám Facebook,proto to řeším touto cestou a doufám,že budu úspěšná.
    Jinak máte moc pěkné stránky se spoustou zajímavých podnětů.
    Díky a zdravím
    Mgr.Monika Šebestová.

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