15 weeks – 2nd baby diary

How the things goes, how do I feel, how is the life of second baby?

Those are the questions I am asked the most, so I decided to share with you, with my future little one and make some note also for myself. simply not to forget.

Things around are so different. You would not believe me how many things changed in 2 years and which situations I am facing now.

Conditions I am living with my second “belly baby”:

  1. I am self employed, not anymore student. I am helping in my dad’s company as administrating officer, so called “girl for everything what is needed to be done” and second part of my day belong to www.skupiner.cz our newly starting business. I love this job, especially because of the feeling on building something on my own. I am meeting a lot of companies and I have to say that my belly image is helpful 🙂 Thank you my love!
  2. I am having already Edie, so there is not so much time left for myself, actually there is not time for myself 🙂 With Edie we have lots of fun. He is riding me as a horse, he is jumping on me, he is constantly caressing me, kissing me, licking me. And if I ask him where is his baby sibling, he always caress also belly, kisses him and hugs him. Such a lovely time and such a lovely boy. let’s see in the future.
  3. With Carlos we are both very busy. We try to steal some time for each other, but it is not easy at all. Life of hard working parents, who tries to build business for the future financial freedom means to keep their common time as something sacred and in scarcity. But we know why we are working such hard and restlessly.
  4. I meet my friends also very seldom. Now I am spending time mostly with our business partners, my skupiner partners and my closest family. But it is fine it is how it should be.

How do I feel?

  • In general great, full of energy so that’s why I am able to work many hours per day up to late night and wake up every day with Edie at 6 or 6:30. Simply he always throws some toy over my face, caress my head and kisses me. He tell me “hum hum” and mammy has to wake up 🙂 No time for discussion
  • I felt quite sick previous days, but mainly because I did not have that much time to eat regularly what makes me hungry and sick. But now after 3 month passed I feel much better and fine……….luckily NO womitting  at all, but sometime I was close, to tell you 🙂
  • I am in 15 weeks now and I start to feel movements of my baby. It is such a cool things to start to feel some interaction. Baby is telling me when it is tired so starts to kick me or when it does not have enough space, while I am sitting behind computer like wrapped package. So these are the moments when I stopped to do everything and just caress y belly to say, I know, sorry I understand you, I love you.

Baby in its beauty in 13 weeks of my pregnancy

  • I realize that with Edie I had much more time to think how the parenthood and motherhood will look like. What I will do with him and what kind of things I will show him. i was going to pregnancy gym and I was doing more sports. I am not lazy now at all, I am walking a lot and running around Edie. But I do not have time to take gym classes and point my mind to my pregnancy. That is the reality. So the calmest time is for me at night, before I go to bed I take shower, I am talking to my belly baby to let him know that we love him and we are waiting him/her of course 🙂
  • My mind is busy. I know that and it creates the feeling that the belly is living it’s own life and I can strongly believe that it will take such a short time until the due date. It will past fast like hell and I will start to write reports about our second one.

I already surprised all my friends that we are expecting the second baby and I started to receive congratulations. I hope that everything will go fine. In the last check up I had lower limits of lymphocytes and thrombocytes so I am going for next check up son again. But so far we are fine, feeling great, not having thoughts of slowing down in the process of our lives.

“Life is change worth to live and fight for”

And in the end one life joke. One of our very known female actor was meeting during the gala night some politicians. In general, she hates them. So when one of them was making mess with his cigar around and having points this one is from Cuba from Fidel Castro and being so proud of it. She just looked at him and said: do you think it will help you when you will dye? We will all meet anyway up there:)………and for me it was such a great smart answer. He was out of his words. Everybody around was laughing and for me it ment only one thing. There are many people around the world, but few of them are unique. Everybody can be unique. It just depends on us what we want to do with our life time.



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Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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2 comments on “15 weeks – 2nd baby diary
  1. Pavča says:

    Zlati, po nějaké době jsem si zase přečetla, jak se máš. Ještě jednou gratuluju k druhému těhotenství a držím palečky. Obdivuju tvoji energii!!! 🙂 A chtěla jsem se zeptat, ty jsi nakonec začala podnikat v něčem jiném? Co ty šperky? Pozdravuj rodinku a přeji všechno dobré! Doufám, že se brzo uvidíme (snad tě stihnu 2 v 1 🙂 Kdy máš termín?

    • zlatavaskova says:

      Ahoj Pavli,
      dekuji za gratulaci, to je jednoduche, pokud ma clovek motivaci pak pracuje a tvori svoje. Nejsem na to sama, takze vse jde jednoduseji. Jinak s druhym mimcem mame termin an konci dubna, ale vidim to na kveten, se uvidi.

      Sperky mam jako zabavu, takovou bokovku, ale rozbehli jsem skupinove nakupovani pro Brno, Prahu, ted to bude i Plzen a brzy i Olomouc, doufam. Mrkni na http://www.skupiner.cz a podpor nas prosim na facebook fun page 🙂

      Jakmile budes trosku okolo dej vedet, protoze jinak je to se mnou ted tezke, to vis, jak si hraju na businessmanku, tak nemam moc casu. Prace, rodinka, zabava minimalni. Ale to je otazka ze me to bavi.

      Moc radi Vas uvidime.



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