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Where is the switch?

Internal switch What do I mean? I was just recently wondering – where is the internal switch of independency. What is the real reason for the child to decide – MOM, I have enough of your care and I want

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Written school review vs. poor notes

Did you get the same questions from your friends and parents regarding your kids as first year schoolers? How is his school review? What are his marks? And I say……..Pardon? Why do you want to know his marks? What does

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How Edie saved me from my own fears and pain

To my beloved son Edie, my savior This post will be special because of two special reasons. The main player will be Eduardo and the second reason is that this will already touch his mental development. So I was astonished by

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8 month fairy tale and something more

Here we go, put up your hands because Carlitos reached 8 months and many improvements Since I am lately not managing to write the posts on time, I try to remind myself by pictures what have happened that time. Though

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Have it ALL, Family, Work and personal time? Possible or Impossible combination?

HOW TO HAVE IT ALL: Advice From 10 Rockstar Startup Executives Who Are Parents  Dear friends, I just want to share with you my curent thoughts which were described in the best way by Emily Hickey. I love what she

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7 months, teeth, crawling, laugh, darkness, talking

7 month……does it sounds lot or just few days are left behind It is just few days ago when I realized that I need to stop doing hundred and one things at once, because I realize that that sense Carlitos

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5th and 6th moth development report

Half year and more that 2,5 year report of our angels …..achh finally I have some spare time to write few lines about our guys, so lets be breaf and now I will try to let pictures and videos talk

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Not new but special nowadays phenomenon “business mother”


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Second delivery – how was this one

Planning, C-cut and little angel Carlito I decided to write a bit from the delivery time. Since I had in my head soooo many thoughts about how was my second pregnancy, how was the preparation for delivery and many other

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Edie and his 2nd Bday

2nd B-day of Edie You can beleive me or not, but it is really here. 24 months passed since he was born and the date 23. february 2009 will be forever written in our hearts like the day of his

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