Second delivery – how was this one

Planning, C-cut and little angel Carlito

I decided to write a bit from the delivery time. Since I had in my head soooo many thoughts about how was my second pregnancy, how was the preparation for delivery and many other topics, but from all of that I decided to write only one post, picking something from every corner.

Just briefly about the pregnancy time:

Whole time seemed to be short. Much shorter than with Eduardo. There was not much time to enjoy that deeply although deeply in my heart I was looking forward to have my belly already gone and exchanged for the baby insight. All 9 month passed with the speed of fast train and during that time I managed several things I am proud of it. As most of my friends were saying, I am crazy, too active, you should rest more I think that in stead of that I was speeding the process. Just to share last month of the pregnancy my days were pretty bussy. Everyday my agenda was full till the last moments.

So to make you understand how the days of pregnant women can look like:

2 weeks before the delivery time I started to work for company Marz, which  is making dresses to the hospitals. To be able to provide our customers with fitting and custom made dresses I had to carry 30 Kg luggage with me, but easy after carrying Eduardo together with his trolley and shopping bags I had good training

I had several meeting with the companies because of Skupiner and also Breakfast for Business and Women association of enterpreneurs and managers in Brno. So all together made my days full of meetings. In the morning Marz and afternoon some meeting. I used to take Edie with me to cafeteria or made it in the time that my mom could take care of him. Belly was going with me 🙂 so Carlito had more than 10 meetings in that time.

My health was strong and I felt mostly full of energy. Even Carlos did not want me to go for him to pick him in the airport, but since I had on 17th of april business trip to Breclav because of Marz dressing I could continue to Viena driving and pick my husband there and drive back. I was happy to have him here. Eduardo was so much laughing to see his daddy back and it was such natural come back like he would never leave Brno. Even he was gone for 3 months. He even stucked in Caracas for one more day, so he came to Brno not on the 17th but on the 18th of April. Coincidence but managable.

Last week of my pregnancy was also bussy, on Monday as I said I picked up Carlos from the airport, on Tuesday I had still to go and take few measures for Marz in one drug store and then I run to the hospital for general check up, how is Carlito. After I had nice food massage, which made me very relaxed. On Wednesday we had last meeting with business women club, you can see that we were enjoying together with Edie and we met interesting ambassador. She spend many years in Kenya and she made very interesting presentation. You can have a look here.

We also made trips to enjoy with Eduardo, since our daddy was not here so I tried to make our time interesting for us. We spend our time being together and enjoying.

And simply said: the time was gone. 9 month were over and I had to be ready to deliver. Carlos was here back in Brno, in the hospital they told me since my previous C-cut, I had to deliver to the date which was 22/23rd of april, so there was no more choice. Carlos mum was on the way from Venezuela and she and auntie missed her plane in Madrid so they were one day delayed 🙂 but she arrived anyway, instead of 22nd on 23rd of april 🙂

When I was going to the hospital I had 72 Kg and something over 100 cm over the belly. I manaed one more foto session in the photographer to take pictures of my belly and we did some with Carlos at home too 🙂

We had also wonderful last day before delivery with both guys in the park. it was sunny and I did not felt at all that I am ordered into the hospital to deliver the after. It is such a weird if they tell you YOU HAVE TO COME at this day at that time and you know that after that time you will come home with baby. Enjoy with us our last day before delivery.

And the last day was over and in the afternoon I started to feel contractions, my eyes were smiling because it was good sign that maybee I will not need initiation by doctors and whole process will go naturally as I wanted. My friend Verunka, doctor of mine advice me to have hot bath and either the delivery will continue or will stop. And it stopped. So we decided with Carlos to boost the process again and we made love……but nothings 🙂 and after all this I stopped believe that we will deliver naturally. So on Saturday 23rd at 7 am I went to hospital. They have me pill and my contractions started again, but still just in the bottom part of by belly. This contractions continued they have me another medicaments, nothing moved, they gave me epidural nothing helped so after they broke my water and found out that it is not clean like in the case of Eduardo, we had to go for C-cut again……….hmmmm nothing to do. We had to do what is the best for baby. At least I will not miss the moment when they take baby out of my belly and I will be able to see him.

I had two new experiences during the delivery day, cloister and epidural. Both were not painful and fine. I was surprised. And both should help me to deliver naturally which did not happened. Now it does not matter. With epidural I could feel at least what is happening and when they took Carlito out he was crying. It was 13:30 and they put him to my face .When he smelled my face he stopped to cry….that moment I started to cry from happiness. My baby was born. It was beautiful and healthy boy. Carlito was with us. All the pains which we have to hold as mothers were gone and love started to expand for both of my sons.

Since that time we are full family of 4, since that time I have two angels to take care, to love and to be loved. Eduardo is kissing and caressing his brother since early beginning. Such a lovely time.

And how our family looks now when little angel came to our lives?

I would honestly wish all of you to have this opportunity to get this experience. To create your own family circule. Because there is nothing more beautiful and more exciting than to give new life to this world and also to have this opportunity to be parents.

I hope that you enjoyed this little story and that you will share with me your own one once it will come present to your lives.

With all love

Zlata to Carlito

Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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3 comments on “Second delivery – how was this one
  1. Pavča says:

    Zlati, opět pěkně napsáno 🙂 A ty jsi fakt borec, vůbec nechápu, jak jsi to všechno zvládala – ten šrumec před porodem! 🙂
    Ani jsem nevěděla, že jsi poprvé rodila císařem 😦 Ale nejdůležitější je, že jsou oba kluci zdraví a krásní 🙂
    Držím palečky a pozdravuju. Přeji, aby Carlito dobře jedl a spal! Hodně sil.
    Papa. Pavča

    • zlatavaskova says:

      Ahoj Pavco, dekuji. No vsak me znas. kdyz je mi dobre jsem jak tank k nezastaveniiiiii……. juchuuuu

      drzte se


  2. Maria Luisa Hidalgo says:

    Hola muchachos… muchas Felicidades a los 2 por el nuevo bebe.. me alegra saber que todo esta bien.. Besitos a Eddy..

    Se les quiere… Saludos a la familia…

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