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Have it ALL, Family, Work and personal time? Possible or Impossible combination?

HOW TO HAVE IT ALL: Advice From 10 Rockstar Startup Executives Who Are Parents  Dear friends, I just want to share with you my curent thoughts which were described in the best way by Emily Hickey. I love what she

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Edie and his 2nd Bday

2nd B-day of Edie You can beleive me or not, but it is really here. 24 months passed since he was born and the date 23. february 2009 will be forever written in our hearts like the day of his

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Kids cough and tips for cure

Cough, sneezing, running nose These and many other effects has the flue. Virus illness which is bothering most of the European population in this time. Because weather is changing, we are moving from warm homes to the coldness outside. And

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How to cope with diarrhoeia in case of kids

Sickness case: Kids DIARRHOEIA    I am not writing oftenly about the sickensses of Edie,  because in reality he is very healthy child and he does not need muchdoctor attention. Which is great.But sometimes like in this case he ate something

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Why not to be worry to do different activities with your kids

Because they love it! Because they are curious! Because our mind is more fragile then body of our kids and our fear is bigger than their passion to explore! I need to share with you again. There have been some

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Little devil

Little devil in action If you want to see little devil than you have unique opportunity now. Look at this little angle who is hiding insight his true face. But we as caring parents were able to capture his crazy

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8 month and life on the other hemisphere

8 monthary Edie is growing, life is running and we as nomad family are moving. He has the unique opportunity to celebrate his 8th month in the Andes mountains trip through Venezuela. I could have dreamed about that for many

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How to travel with 7 months baby?

Travelling, flying and preparation My dear friends. As you might know we are going to Venezuela soon. And if I say soon I mean it. There is only one week left and we will leave our “old continent”. In my

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Exanthema Subitum (sudden rash)- aneb “šestá nemoc”

Rash, Exanthema, marks, zits There are plenty of rashes which our babies can get, either they are transmited through viruses or physically among the kids as bacteria’s. Edie was not lucky few days ago because he got Exanthema Subitum known

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When babies laugh you can hear the angel bells :)

Eide’s laugh There is nothing more gorgeous and cheerful compare to your kid laugh. In the moment when you are sad or you do not have your moment it is enough to hear babie’s laugh and you will be immediately

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