How to cope with diarrhoeia in case of kids

Sickness case: Kids DIARRHOEIA


 I am not writing oftenly about the sickensses of Edie,  because in reality he is very healthy child and he does not need muchdoctor attention. Which is great.But sometimes like in this case he ate something strange probably (and this is not anything special becuase he is trying to taste basicly anything from the ground, table whatever hidden place)

So as result he got bad bad diarrhoeia some times ago and because there are many things happening and also this can happen easily again I decided to share with you basic cure and steps to heal this sickenss.


 Diarrhoeia has simple simptoms:

  1. Kids are usually very thirsty because his liquids are more going out of his body
  2. Edie had his stercus very liquid with peaces of vegetable or anything he ate

So the basic prescription from the doctor which helped us to heal him in 3 days was:

  • 1 day: avoid any fruit, vegetables, milk products, avena and he had to eat only rice (plain rice boiled in a bit salty water, no oil nothing), and for snack plain roll (something like white baget), he should not eat bread becasue it boosts fermentation process in his intestines
  • 2 day: he could eat already banana, apple except rice and rolls, The banans and apple should be smashed not as peaces , because it is smoother for his digestion and his body can better absorb the vitamins
  • 3 day: contineu with rice, also smashed potatoe, carrot (boiled and smashed), banana, apple, roll
  • As day drinks: prepare soft black tea without suggar and lemon, if you want you can use a bit of fructosis and prepare drinks from special medicine easy to find called SMECTA – those are little bags from which you creates drink. I made  these drink in to bigger bottles such as 1,5 l and Edie could drink it during while day.


And the cure is done and your child will be very happy agin. The most imprtant is to hold on. Your kid will be much better of if you hold on because every brake of this diet will prolong his sickness…………sooo GOOD LUCK!

Here is also some basic treatment for adults if you need help.


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