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Time for sport

Skying and learning to sky I just came from the mountain trip with my kids and believe me that was great. I have learned a lot in past week and again I confirmed the life truth that everything has its

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Why not to be worry to do different activities with your kids

Because they love it! Because they are curious! Because our mind is more fragile then body of our kids and our fear is bigger than their passion to explore! I need to share with you again. There have been some

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How to surf?

Surfing (skying in the sea waves) You know I love skying and in general every sport. But since I started to travel very much I missed already two winter seasons at home. And it is really something for me. Two

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When time and age does not matter

You are as old as you feel like There is something in it, isn’t it? Have you ever think when you woke up in the morning that you have to have at least 100 years because you can feel every

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How to stay in good shape after having baby-part 1- biceps

Exercising with our babies I know how it feels to be young and have a baby. Your belly (and not just belly) grows like hell and instead of 60 cm around your waist you have easily 100 cm as I

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Our family love sports………..badbinton day

Badbinton…..great family sport….. I just wanted to support all mothers and fathers which would like to do a sport with their newborns and little older once and they do not do what to practise. So I have one nice suggestion

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