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Jamie Oliver carries his mission for healthy food for our kids

Healthy food means healthy life You will not believe me but I always loved to cook and prepare different culinary specialties. I was always “watching under the hands” of my foreign friends and learning “by doing” different recipe. All this years

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Dancing class for Edie

There is never too early for dancing lecture You know. We are simply dancing family. Our life is running in different rhythms. Sometimes it goes very softly but most of the time our speed is killing same as in Dominican or

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How to stay in good shape after having baby-part 1- biceps

Exercising with our babies I know how it feels to be young and have a baby. Your belly (and not just belly) grows like hell and instead of 60 cm around your waist you have easily 100 cm as I

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How to keep the vitamins in the food – STEEL KNIFES DESTROY VITAMINS

Healthy food full of vitamins and enzymes? This is not only thing of growing food without additional chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides and then selling them under the sign BIO. We have to keep in mind also the cooking

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