How to keep the vitamins in the food – STEEL KNIFES DESTROY VITAMINS

Healthy food full of vitamins and enzymes?

This is not only thing of growing food without additional chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides and then selling them under the sign BIO. We have to keep in mind also the cooking process which can destroy or keep most of the vitamins “alive”.

I knew already some time ago that if the mom is thinking in her kids health and wants to give to her child the best from the grocery. It is not enough only buy healthy food or home made. There is another step to be considered. And it is the kitchen wear which we use.

knifeAnd what I am talking about? There is fact well known in our society already for ages. And that is that mothers who prepare food for kids use for the cutting and grating of veggie and fruit the glass or plastic equipment because they do not want to destroy the vitamins. But my question was why? What happens during the process that steel knifes destroy all the nutrition. And I got finally answer. The killer is ELECTRICITY!

Sounds crazy maybe but in the process of cutting the steel blade when touching the upper peal creates the electrical aggression and causes the destruction of vitamins in the fruit and vegetable. So the elasticity is bigger killer of nutrition than the boiling process itself.

That’s why the Japanese and later USA reseraches used the knowledge from space researches and created the knifes wiht ceramic-zirconium blade. This mixture of materials is 2x stronger than steel and by its chemical and physical characteristics is close to diamond. That’s why it keeps all the vitamins in the food when we are cutting it.

Ceramic knifes are not only IN but they keep our food healthier and safe our money (we do not have to buy additional nutritional vitamins products because we do not loose the vitamins during the cooking process).

How the cutting by electical knife creates the electicity compare to ceramic knife. Have a look 🙂

And if you are interrested how those knifes can look like than feel free to watch this video which I found. It is interrestign how these knifes are manufactured.

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One comment on “How to keep the vitamins in the food – STEEL KNIFES DESTROY VITAMINS
  1. José Santos says:

    really cool research. it totally makes sense to me. will dig in a bit more myself.


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