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How we celebrated fathers day

Fathers day This post will be devoted to my husband who is able to take care about his son with so much love that he is one of the father to be celebrated. I was thinking what to write about

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Era of trolley is over………carrier rock the world :)

Juchuuuuuu 🙂 Four month of Edie’s life passed and time for carrier came to present. Finally I do not have to push the trolley and be caring the baby. My son was curious baby since he was born but as

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3rd month of infants life

3rd month…………The Month of changes 🙂 It is unbelievable how is baby changing every day. As I am observing my son everyday being with him 24/7 it is great to see his improvements. Those little things which tells you how

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Mom’s bag…..funkie, junkie story of the life

How young girl became mom 🙂 My bag will be never that perfect but it does not matter……..I love my messy bag 🙂 I Became mom easily. Maybe more easily than I could have ever thought. Once I woke up

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How to protect fathers……….our hiden angels

This post will be for all great fathers who takes care about their families, wife’s and kids. And why to write about them. I think that most of the time we are talking only about hard time of mothers. That

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Hormones run the moms live – restless days and awaken nights :)

NATURE IS MIRACLE…………..LETTER TO MOTHER NATURE How the hormones keep moms alife and protect us against collapse? I just had a nice chat with my female friends who is pregnant and she has thousand of questions  related to the giving births and

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Nursing fathers………..scandal or practical approach?

My dear frineds, I just made my hands free for some time to be able to share with you interesting and bit controversial article with life approach I have read few days ago. NURSING FATHERS this term is used in

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