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Our family love sports………..badbinton day

Badbinton…..great family sport….. I just wanted to support all mothers and fathers which would like to do a sport with their newborns and little older once and they do not do what to practise. So I have one nice suggestion

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Loose breeast does not mean lack of milk

Loose breast does not mean worries I got a question few days ago while speaking with my friend. She got a baby girl and she is living similar things as I experienced. And since she asked me few questions I

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Rich moms have sons! :)

Rich moms have sons and Poor moms have girls! 🙂 What is true about that? There was done new study from Newcastle University which speaks about this topic. I got interested by the title and kept reading till the end.

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breast milk influence development of brain and kids IQ

BABY BRAIN FOOD During the first year of life, your child’s brain grows rapidly – the brain and nervous system continue to develop until about the age of three – and it’s important to make sure your baby gets the

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Creating routine in babies life

Routine & Habits Babies are routine lovers in general and I have proved that already on my son. I have read that babies love to do routine things and I have to confess that there are certain things which babies

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Injuries on nipples while breastfeeding

My dear breastfeeding mums…………..sometimes we need to stand some pain 🙂 I just wanted to write this post because I got hurt  by my breastfeeding son and I want you to avoid this condition. After I have read few articles

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How to keep the vitamins in the food – STEEL KNIFES DESTROY VITAMINS

Healthy food full of vitamins and enzymes? This is not only thing of growing food without additional chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides and then selling them under the sign BIO. We have to keep in mind also the cooking

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Layette of infant and tips for presents

Layette This word is running in the head of many parents before the kids is going to be born and I have to say that I had to solve this issue really fast. Since I did not have much time

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How to make a baby swing at home – good tip

Home swing I just made my son fall asleep to be able to share with you fast one good tip how to make the home swing from the car seat or cradle. It is pretty much easy and does great job.

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Baby can dance earlier than walk :)

Edie’s Tunak Tunak Tun Dance 🙂 I just had one old memory dated back to Edie’s 2nd month. I realised that time is passing so fast that I missed to share with you Edie’s first dance. Maybe you know that

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