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games for toddlers – various indoor, online from other sources

More games and inspiration My dear parents friends. I have been searching more for more games either online or simple interactive to play and educate our darlings. And since Edie is now 10 month turning this week 11 month I

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8 month and life on the other hemisphere

8 monthary Edie is growing, life is running and we as nomad family are moving. He has the unique opportunity to celebrate his 8th month in the Andes mountains trip through Venezuela. I could have dreamed about that for many

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Flying with baby – how infants deal with that

Hi dear parents,travellers curiously I have finally some time to write about our flight. Finally we reached Venezuela and beautiful and very busy Caracas. And we with Edie survived quite nicely whole flight. Just to let you know how strong

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Exanthema Subitum (sudden rash)- aneb “šestá nemoc”

Rash, Exanthema, marks, zits There are plenty of rashes which our babies can get, either they are transmited through viruses or physically among the kids as bacteria’s. Edie was not lucky few days ago because he got Exanthema Subitum known

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The week of truth……doctors in Edie’s life

Doctors, examinations, hospitals and kids This post will not be fun at all, but there is important truth about the health of babies and their constant close observation by doctors. Our angels are very fragile since they are born and

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Breastfeeding and babies curiousness

Babies are sons and daughters of curious mother nature What I wanted to speak about is the little sharing of my personal experience so far. I would like to safe you from the cry of hungry babies by warning you

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Loose breeast does not mean lack of milk

Loose breast does not mean worries I got a question few days ago while speaking with my friend. She got a baby girl and she is living similar things as I experienced. And since she asked me few questions I

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Creating routine in babies life

Routine & Habits Babies are routine lovers in general and I have proved that already on my son. I have read that babies love to do routine things and I have to confess that there are certain things which babies

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Baby can dance earlier than walk :)

Edie’s Tunak Tunak Tun Dance 🙂 I just had one old memory dated back to Edie’s 2nd month. I realised that time is passing so fast that I missed to share with you Edie’s first dance. Maybe you know that

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1st turn of our son……..babies development is miracle

Celebration of the 1st turn of my son 🙂 Edie reached today 19 weeks (4 month and 8 days) and was already trying to turn for some time. But today on 1st of July he decided that there is enough

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