The week of truth……doctors in Edie’s life

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doctorThis post will not be fun at all, but there is important truth about the health of babies and their constant close observation by doctors. Our angels are very fragile since they are born and even Edie was born as very healthy baby there were few struggles he suffered from and they needed to be solved now.

So as a baby which was over-carried he was born with little bended feet on left leg. It is not serious issue now, because his feet and legs are still developing but we needed to exercise with his feet to prevent future problems. This problem was caused because I did not have enough space in my belly for him and he was stuffed insight a lot. But anyway he did not want to go out and he was quite happy in his “Hawaii”. The solution for his bended feet is that we have to buy shoes for him already which  fill fix his foot and it will enable to grow it as it should.

The other issue which we were solving was his constantly glued up eyes, because his tear channels were not clean. We had to apply drops into his eyes, such as antibiotics, then just ordinary ophthalmology’s drops for disinfection. But in the end we needed to go to ophthalmologist which made cleening of his eyes. It is not pleasurous procedure at all and the great this is that Edie will not remember this medical action. But me and Carlos will never forget his cry. But now I know that we should have gone to the ophthalmologist much earlier and he would not suffer that long. yeahhhhh life means constant learning. After three visits and medical help I am persuaded that Edie became stronger and more persistent.

  1. The important learning from this time was and my advice to you is: Never wait too long to solve the kids problems, because as they are very little they will not remember that they were examined or some medical help was done on them.  I also told my husband that we do not have to personify his feeling into ours. Because he was crying even the doctor was not doing anything. We as parents have to be strong and always ready to caress our babies after.
  2. The second learning was that breastfeeding is also great way how to make your baby forget. After he was checked and he was crying it was more than sufficient to let him drink a little, to feel his mom heart beat and he calmed down. And after these struggles he was just fine, smiling again and not remembering anything.

So let be strong for our little once which needs us 24/7 🙂 our parents were here for us too and now is our turn! In Czech we have nice proverb “Co tě nezabije, to tě posílí” something like what will not kill you it will strenghten you!

PS: I found nice explanatory article about stuck up of the tear channels “ucpani slznych kanalku” (only in czech, but you can use google translator tool)
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