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Do you appreciate your family enough?

Family, husband, kids, life……… I just had one very philosophical thought which I wanted to share and ask you other mothers around the world. Have you ever thought if you appreciate your family enough? I believe that you sometimes feel

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Exanthema Subitum (sudden rash)- aneb “šestá nemoc”

Rash, Exanthema, marks, zits There are plenty of rashes which our babies can get, either they are transmited through viruses or physically among the kids as bacteria’s. Edie was not lucky few days ago because he got Exanthema Subitum known

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Momfluence and power of mothers

Mother’s networking I have been searching for different stuff and than I realised how much time I spend while reading, educating myself about different topics, also talking with my friends and than posting all these information here in my blog.

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When babies laugh you can hear the angel bells :)

Eide’s laugh There is nothing more gorgeous and cheerful compare to your kid laugh. In the moment when you are sad or you do not have your moment it is enough to hear babie’s laugh and you will be immediately

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What makes the relationship happy and successfull

Tolerance and love as key to the happy family life I decided to write a bit about my today thought. I was walking with my husband Carlos and we were having one of our chats as we are used to

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Edie turned 6th month

half a year is heeeere I can not believe that but Eide turned on Sunday 23.8.09 6th month. We have been celebrating with him during long trip in the caves in south part of Czech Republic and I believe that

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