Exanthema Subitum (sudden rash)- aneb “šestá nemoc”

Rash, Exanthema, marks, zits

exantemaThere are plenty of rashes which our babies can get, either they are transmited through viruses or physically among the kids as bacteria’s. Edie was not lucky few days ago because he got Exanthema Subitum known also as šestá nemoc. He was having one of his happy days and all of the sudden he got very high fever in the end of the day. We thought with my husband that it is just reaction on our weekend trip. Because he was exposed to cold weather while walking in the nature. So we thought that he might have got cold. But then his fever went high, he had about 39,5 and I became worried. Totally weird think was that he behave more or less normal. His eyes were still shining and yeah he was a bit overstimulated but who would not be having nearly 40 C fever. So we gave him Nurofen for kids to calm down his fever. Whole process of increasing and decreasing of his fever was continuing within 2,5 day and as the sickness came it disappeared.
When I thought that he is already over, 2 days after he got a rash which appeared on his belly and back, little on front-head and his arms. This was already alarming for us, because it was spearing very fast and we took Edie to hospital. A doctor made medical check and she just smiled at us and said, oh it is just Exanthema Subitum. Do not worry at all, this rash will disappear in 2 days and he will be ok. It is not itchy and he does not feel anything harming.
So we went home, with calm feeling and even took Edie for a walk into park. He looked happy and smiling and in 2 days exanthema vanished and Edie was cured.

This sickness is funny, not harmful for kids, they will have it just once in their life…..thanks God 🙂

I found also some easy and nice explanations of this disease:

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