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Potty time “get rid of diaper in 5 month”

Potty time at 5 month age Do you think that I am kidding? No, I would never be more serious. I just want to share with you how surprising can be discovery that kids can go on potty and they

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Vegetables/Side dish or in czech “Příkrm” it is real science in the beginnigns

Vegetables and time for first spoon – how, when and how much Edie will soon reach his 6th month and this is the time for fully breastfeeded babies to start with some mre common food such as vegetable, fruit, meat,

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The week of truth……doctors in Edie’s life

Doctors, examinations, hospitals and kids This post will not be fun at all, but there is important truth about the health of babies and their constant close observation by doctors. Our angels are very fragile since they are born and

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CRAZYYYYY 12 babies pregnancy

Record in pregnancy……..Antinature post You have to see this, in the Tunisia is the becoming mum of 12 kids and I am not kidding. This is something unbelieveble and I think that I do not envy this women. Has to

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The inspiration for family costume party

Family Adams………huge fun and easy preparation I was about to write this little story already some time ago but I found the time now. It is already more than month when we were invited by our friend to attend the

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Prodam kocarek Jerry, trojkombinaci

Super kocarek za levny peniz pro cerstve narozene Prodam kocarek Jerry ve velmi dobrem stavu. Pouzity po jednom diteti. Ma velmi dobre perovani, velky ulozny prostor. Vybava zahrnuje i tasku na male deti, sitku, plastenku, deku pro vystelku ditete a

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Breastfeeding and babies curiousness

Babies are sons and daughters of curious mother nature What I wanted to speak about is the little sharing of my personal experience so far. I would like to safe you from the cry of hungry babies by warning you

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Edie reached 5 month adventure :)

Edie and his 5 month journey It has been already some time when he was born and I have been observing my son closely every day. We used to spend whole day by playing, learning, travelling, singing, dancing and doing

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