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Eduardo and his complex empathy for the family life

Message: Family life as entity I supposed that every child if it’s part of the working family circule feels the same. That family should be one entity made of parents and kids. I realized how much Eduardo in his age

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Pictures times….belly got its presentation

Belly picture time,  I decided to take some time and I went for photo session with profesional photographer to remember my belly time. Since I said once to my friends: I love to be pregnant! they told me that I

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Do you appreciate your family enough?

Family, husband, kids, life……… I just had one very philosophical thought which I wanted to share and ask you other mothers around the world. Have you ever thought if you appreciate your family enough? I believe that you sometimes feel

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How to protect fathers……….our hiden angels

This post will be for all great fathers who takes care about their families, wife’s and kids. And why to write about them. I think that most of the time we are talking only about hard time of mothers. That

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