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Eduardo and his complex empathy for the family life

Message: Family life as entity I supposed that every child if it’s part of the working family circule feels the same. That family should be one entity made of parents and kids. I realized how much Eduardo in his age

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Christmas time in wild wild central Europe

Christmas and New Year’s Eve, what a special days in the year. We are living ordinary 24 hours day but with special filling of it. We try to be nicer, we try to be together, we try to do more

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How Edie got a new niece…..hmmm nice kitty

Jaguar daughter It is such a great thing if the you have large family, because every member is bringing its unique value to the group. I got very excited about the animal world of our close friend, Carlos brother. “Tio

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First days in Caracas

Our first days Actually our crew which flew to Caracas was me, Carlos, Edie and my dad. He needed to take some time off so he decided to travel with us and experience the culture of Latin America. As I

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