Christmas time in wild wild central Europe

Christmas and New Year’s Eve,

what a special days in the year. We are living ordinary 24 hours day but with special filling of it. We try to be nicer, we try to be together, we try to do more thing for each other. And everything in the name of Christmas and Jezisek or Santa as you prefere.

I was just thinking what great time we had and how to remember, that’s why I decided to take some time and wrote short post about it. This story will be about time of celebration. Not only the Christmas day but everything what had been happening before and after.

Christmas for me especially is the day when we should spend most of the time together. In the Central European culture it means, stay with your family, in the nuclear little circle of people who are the most closest to you. But since my family is from mixed marriage, we also share our mixed ideas. And in Venezuela people are celebrating with those who are closest to their hearts, that’s why sometimes it looks like second New Year’s Eve party. People gather together and celebrate not only with close family but also with their close friends, close neighbors, close anybody and everybody.

Our Christmas time begane already with Edie performance in his kinder garten. It was soo funny. All the little babies with their mums. Some of them just crying because momies were just observers not actors, some of them were enjoying. And Edie I think he was happy and confused in the same time. Whole show was starting at 4 pm and it is usual Edie sleeping time. So of course before we went to kinder he fall asleep in the car and when we woke him up he looked like: “little sleepy and confused doggie” and I think that he was all the time just dreaming about his little friends. We were not pushing him to perform or anything, we were just enjoying time with him and with other parents. Just have a look and make your own opinion. I think they were great and whole time was great effort from the teachers who prepared everything for us. Even they had foto session with kids. Lovely.

pictures from the Kindergarten Christmas Event

Edie he took part in the performance on the side of observer rather than actor 🙂

We were doing also candel holders. It was nice idea. But the kids were not supposed to eat the apples. We did not manage. Edie he bited his immediately when he got it. But I think we manage nicely our task.

….and of course when we were done with our task and show was over Edie woke up totally and started to run around and be crazy. So in the end was difficult to catch him 🙂 but I managed.

We applied same Venezuelan model for Christmas celebration in Brno and I am happy of it. So in the end we were together with my mom, with our business partners Johny and Daria and also their two friends from Bulgaria and Poland. Nice, mixed and more free feelings. We have not been so tight to the traditions  and could spend more curious time. Before we seted up our Christmas table I have to admit, that we had lot of preparation, because our home is being reconstructed and the rooms where should have been and was in the end the celebration dinner was not ready yet. But with all the christmas decorations and christmas tree and mood, I think that all imperfections were forgotten and we felt just great that we are together.

Just have a look how were enjoying also the preparation time. Cleaning, decorating X-mas tree, preparation of food etc.

Let’s clean

Let’s decorate the Christmas tree


And we also went to Zoo to spend some time with nature and we are used to share food with animals in this speacial day.

After the ZOO, we went straightly to the grandparents place to wish them all the best and share some nice lunch time and common time with them. This is special moment for me since they are already quite old. Understand around 80 years, but still in nice conditions mentally and physically. Then we were running home to finish preparations for the dinner and our friends.

It could not be missing big pot of potato salat. Someting really traditional for the Czech Republic.

And after the dinner we started to share the presents. It was more for Edie, but we did not expect that already first present will be that much entertaining for him that he will not want to see the others. Such a nice boy. So in the end we let him enjoy his little train Tomas and his clip cubics and decided that we will unpack the rest of presents with him the day after, like in the american style.

On the 25th of december we also invited my dad, Edie’s grandfather to share time with us and be with our family a bit more.

And our wonderful family and magical time was over. It is such unbelievable thing that you are preparing for that day so many days, weeks and do not know what else and after, it just matter of few hours and everything is over. That’s why i was happy that everything went smooth and we were rather enjoying than being said from anything what was not exactly according to our previous plans.

We wish you Merry Christmas and especially all the best to the New Year which already began. Enjoy everyday of your lives and actually I will have another big change. I will became double mom, so let’s see how it feels and how it is……I am just looking forward 🙂

And now short video from our Christmas time. It is going to be one nice mixture of moments which I described above. It will be my first i-movie. So let’s learn and do it. 🙂


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Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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