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Lyoness the new way of life, the new way of doing business, the new way of shopping

To manifest that nothing is impossible watch with me this video and share with us our DREAMS Do you think that Carlito will one run huge Lyoness business once he will grow………we attended Sensation 2011 conference in Budapest. Just for

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We moved to Prague……time of change

New city, new life, new start Never get stucked… keep moving. That is certainly the motto according to which we are living our life with Carlos and our darlings. I just wanted to share with you a little from our

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Edie in Colombia and his 13 months

13 month and big journey I think that there are not many babies who has possibility to experience that much as Edie had. During his first year he had traveled through 2 continents, visited Czech Republic, Austria, Venezuela, and as

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Amazing Colombia

How I found my new family I have not been in touch with you my dear readers for some time. And there is one simple reason for that because I have been travelling with Carlos and Edie for 3 weeks

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8 month and life on the other hemisphere

8 monthary Edie is growing, life is running and we as nomad family are moving. He has the unique opportunity to celebrate his 8th month in the Andes mountains trip through Venezuela. I could have dreamed about that for many

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First days in Caracas

Our first days Actually our crew which flew to Caracas was me, Carlos, Edie and my dad. He needed to take some time off so he decided to travel with us and experience the culture of Latin America. As I

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Welcoming in Venezuela

And we are there, 16th of October 2009 We managed our first long really long travelling day which counted about 19 hours since we left our home in Brno in the Czech Republic. And we landed. According to local standards,

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Flying with baby – how infants deal with that

Hi dear parents,travellers curiously I have finally some time to write about our flight. Finally we reached Venezuela and beautiful and very busy Caracas. And we with Edie survived quite nicely whole flight. Just to let you know how strong

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How to travel with 7 months baby?

Travelling, flying and preparation My dear friends. As you might know we are going to Venezuela soon. And if I say soon I mean it. There is only one week left and we will leave our “old continent”. In my

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Edie turned 6th month

half a year is heeeere I can not believe that but Eide turned on Sunday 23.8.09 6th month. We have been celebrating with him during long trip in the caves in south part of Czech Republic and I believe that

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