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9 month report of Carlitos and Edie

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Well done is better than well said” so let me introduce you our past month from the view of Carlitos and Eduardo and their improvements Carlitos: Carlitos is growing rapidly with the smile on his face

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Is parenting terrifying job or enjoyable life journey

We are the first generation which is scared by its parents and terrified by its kids….. That is very interesting thought from the well known Chilean kids psychologist Pilar Sordo. She had mentioned couple of interesting points relating to the nowadays rising

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15-16 month report

15th and 16th month story of Edies diary Today I will speak generally about the biggest improvements and changed which have happened in Edie’s life. You know as 1st time parent you are always surprised by your child. And because

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Practical traveler’s toy holder

Tips for travelers You know me my dear friends that I am box full of ideas. How to do this and that and I am happy for that that my brain is still working and not being lazy. So what

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Flying with baby – how infants deal with that

Hi dear parents,travellers curiously I have finally some time to write about our flight. Finally we reached Venezuela and beautiful and very busy Caracas. And we with Edie survived quite nicely whole flight. Just to let you know how strong

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How to travel with 7 months baby?

Travelling, flying and preparation My dear friends. As you might know we are going to Venezuela soon. And if I say soon I mean it. There is only one week left and we will leave our “old continent”. In my

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