9 month report of Carlitos and Edie

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Well done is better than well said”

so let me introduce you our past month from the view of Carlitos and Eduardo and their improvements


  • Carlitos is growing rapidly with the smile on his face
  • He has 3 teeth bottom and before reaching 10 month, he started to grow 3 teeth up….so start to be big fun to breathfeed him. Every time we have our time, I can feel how many teeth more he got 🙂 But lovely. It will never come back
  • He is eating already 4 times per day. He has breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and also dinner, Rest of the time he has still his loved milk. He is very well eater, he is able to consume about 300 ml of food. Which is a lot. He started also with peaces, It is funny to see him how he is enjoying pasta, or roll……it is everywhere, but he is loving it. He loves to be trying new things and also new tastes. Which is great……I am looking forward the time when I will be cooking only one things for all of us. But luckily I have big helper Edie, who is cooking and preparing with me. Big Chef 🙂
  • Carlitos biggest toys: small balls in the playgrounds, football ball in our home. He is able to be chasing it for hours all around our home. In this sense his behavior seems for me like of grown up man, because they are able to be running after “something” until they will  not get it 🙂 His another favorite game is to take stuff out of shelf and draws. Edie did it a bit, but Carlitos masters this. So we used to have in the end of the day on the ground everything what you can imagine. Boxes all around, clothes from the draws, he is resorting my pots in the kitchen……….and simply seems to be that he just prefers his own order rather than mine. Mom you have it wrong!
  • Carlitos is very social. Especially today I realize how lucky I am. We spend half of the day in the huge indoor kids playground place. And Edie he was running with the older kids in the big slides and tunnels and Carlitos was with smaller once crawling all around. He just called me while he was hungry or had “full diaper”. Otherwise he was making new friendships with other kids and adults. Nice I have time for coffee and nice cake 🙂
  • Since he likes music, he is reacting on it if I start to sing or play radio. And he is very social. So I felt to give him more chance to join some activity which will combine these two atributes. So we joined Yamaha Classes (see the video) in KMC (Cultural and Maternity center Knoflik) here close by of our home.
  • And last but not least thing, Carlitos is about to walk. He is standing on his own without help and we are just waiting for him to do the first step, so lets see.
  • Carlitos on the snow:


When I was thinking what everything has happened in his last month I am thinking more in stories, so in that case let me say you few:

snow time 

  • Every time I am coming for him and picking him from kinder I hear: Nechci maminku, Nechci domu (I do not want mami, I do not want to go home). So I guess that he is happy in the kindergarden and that he is enjoying his time there. Already during the weekend I am usually listening, Let’s go and see our teacher! …..you know primarily I felt bad, that he does not like me, or that he does not like the time with me. But now I stopped to take it personally and I am more happy that he is enjoying there and that I do not have to be suffering while leaving him there.
  • Eduardo’s big friend is called Vojta Vomacka. They are very good friends. Vojta is few month older. He is born in September so from Edie it is 5 month. Though he is not any bigger by size. But he is a bit stronger and faster. The curious thing is that they are either playing nicely together or beating each other. With full passion. And even they beat each other in few minutes after they are best friends again and they want to be together playing.
  • Edie love aunties and their kids. He loves to spend time with our friends so what I feel is that we are much more start to make reunions with other families. Our nice friends are family Martinez with their two kids. Sabina age 3 and David age 6 month. So they have very small difference with our kids and also their couple is mixed. Father is from Colombia and mom is Czech close to Ostrava. We are sharing similar life style, I go with mom Hanicka to play tenis so we can keep fit as well 🙂 And Edie with Sabina and Carlitos with David are enjoying their time nicely as well.
  • I tested with Edie his joy from cooking. I took him for cooking lecture. It was more or less successful, He enjoyed to be mixing pudding and soft mixed drinks. But I had feeling that it is early for him to do some organized activities.

  • Edie is great observer. He loves to be watching other kids while they are doing some activity. For example, he was very nice during the performance of yamaha classes in theatre, he love theatre in general. The atmosphere is able to drag him and make him calm. While I asked him if he would like to attend these classes and be performing like other kids he said NO. So i has time.  Same experience we got while going skating with him. When I asked him to try it with me, his answer was NO. But he was happy to be watching me and other kids skating. So I will be happy to find activity he will enjoy in the future. Seems to be for me that he will join activities while having friends involved as well.
  • Thought Edie proved to be fighter and persistent. I like that he is enjoying his bicycle and we are cycling even outside is lot of snow.  He fall many times and also many times stood up.  But still he wanted to keep going. So it looks for me that while he enjoyes some activity he is able to keep on. I think.
  • The less unconfortable think is that he is still fighting with Carlos. We do not know why but he prefers only momi. He is pushing him away if I am close by. He does not want to speak Spanish unless I start to speak too.Many times he is really not nice to him and I see Carlos be down by that. But only reason I think is that he does not have enough time spend with him and that Edie does not have that much opportunity to have fun and possibility to create strong connections with him. But who knows!?
  • Another trouble time is when Edie has his “agains everything time” Sometimes is in the morning, as my mom is saying “he woke up with his bottom up” sometimes is when he is tired or hungry. Or when he wants something and I do not want to give it to him or allow him to do something. Then he start to be fighting with us, saying NO for everything and be in opposition. While reaching this moment He is driving me crazy. And I have to say that now only once my nerves get big hit so he got punished. But after he was fine but my internal feeling was not nice. I know that I need to show him respect to me and that sometimes this is the way to tell him “that is enough” but it is hard. So once I speak about this moments with my friend. Which has same problems with her son. And she told me something what I started to apply and it works. You know Zlata:“When my son start to yell that he wants something or he tries to go agains wall, as we say. I just let him to prove that is not possible. I let him to yell out and I am just thinking that in that moment he feels worse than me and that this behavior is not against me. So at least it helps me to stay calm and not with the feelings I want to kill him NOW” And yeah I tried to think that way and it helped me to stay calm in the moments when I would already hit him to wake him up from his agony. And whole situation resulted in piece on both sides.

So what I have learned: As much as mom stay calm and cold head, the child calms down, eventually, and whole situation can be solved in piece without harming any of the sides. Contrary, if I let him to make my nerves explode, I get very angry. This anger is transmitted to the child and his anger multi plies itself and in the end all of us are crying. So just try my approach and you will see. Hopefully it will help you same way as it helped me.

Now we are already waiting and in few more days Edie will reach his 3 years Bday. So we are preparing celebration for his big day:)

We are also enjoying snow and we also celebrated st. Valentines, the love time for family 🙂

Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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