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Kids start to learn from the point where we as parents just finished

Learning point Have you ever thought about the learning speed in which are kids learning? And how they are learning? There were written tons of books and notes in the internet. But I was just thinking a bit more about

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Carlitos talking

Dear friends its time to write few lines again. It has been long time ago since I did not share with you what is new. And now I can see that many things happened. And just because our memory is

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For the little BIG boys and their manhood

My willie, muj “vilik” I decided to wrote some funn stuff here and just to relax from serious life going around me. I was just having infront of my eyes naked Eduardo which was exploring his “manhood” as little young

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9 month report of Carlitos and Edie

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Well done is better than well said” so let me introduce you our past month from the view of Carlitos and Eduardo and their improvements Carlitos: Carlitos is growing rapidly with the smile on his face

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8 month fairy tale and something more

Here we go, put up your hands because Carlitos reached 8 months and many improvements Since I am lately not managing to write the posts on time, I try to remind myself by pictures what have happened that time. Though

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5th and 6th moth development report

Half year and more that 2,5 year report of our angels …..achh finally I have some spare time to write few lines about our guys, so lets be breaf and now I will try to let pictures and videos talk

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Carlitos first month

1 month = 30 days Do you know what can happen in 30 days after you are born? if not then keep up reading and learn more about Carlitos life. A little bit of statistics and facts: He was born

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First year celebration – 12 month of Edie’s life

1st year, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes……… That is the count down of one year life and believe me in the early age of our life this is one of the most exciting time with highest speed of development.

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9 months and lost virginity (Jak jsem přišel o panictvi :0)

Edie and his 9 month life story Today I am going to write about new improvements which Edie  did but before I have to share with you more about the title “lost virginity”. Edie as most of the guys has

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