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Carlitos first step documentation

Today is a big day Carlitos made his first step away from me. He actually even did not recognize. He was holding a little car in his hands and suddenly he made 3 steps ahead without noticing that he is

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Carlitos first month

1 month = 30 days Do you know what can happen in 30 days after you are born? if not then keep up reading and learn more about Carlitos life. A little bit of statistics and facts: He was born

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Crying baby…….how to manage this problem!

Dear friends,  I bet that those who has fresher at home might experienced crying marathon of your baby. Either because it was getting used to the environment as newborn or it just suffers from colic. One or the another case

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Breastfeeding (nursing) tips

My dear friends, today I would like to share some ideas and also learnings which I got after two months of nursing. Sometimes I had doubts whether I have enough milk, because my darling was crying more and I did

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Carry or not to carry X Spoiling or sharing the love

Do not spoil BUT share the love WARNING!!!!………….. babies are smarter than we think 🙂 Uffffff………….. 7 hours of constant cry, do you think that your baby is able to manage that? I can ensure you…. YES he/she can. After

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