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3 month versus 3 years

Maternity leave Have you ever thought how great opportunity have all mothers living in the Czech and Slovak Republic because they have maternity leave for 3 years compare to 3 month in Latin America? I have been thinking how great

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Attached parenting………Do you know what it means?

Holaaaaaaa dear friends and parents I have just passed two very crying days of my son. He is turning 3 months and it seems to be that he has common colic period again present. What to do….it is not topic

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Carry or not to carry X Spoiling or sharing the love

Do not spoil BUT share the love WARNING!!!!………….. babies are smarter than we think 🙂 Uffffff………….. 7 hours of constant cry, do you think that your baby is able to manage that? I can ensure you…. YES he/she can. After

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Tight wrapping of baby – plesure or limitation?

Tight wrapping means safety and imitation of belly comfort NOT limitation My dears, I always thought that tight wrapping is something what will limit my baby to move and certainly it will limit his further development, but I was so

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