Carlitos talking

Dear friends

its time to write few lines again. It has been long time ago since I did not share with you what is new. And now I can see that many things happened. And just because our memory is short lasting, I will rather put everything here.

Today I decided to share with you funny vocabulary of Carlitos. He is now 20 month old, but he starte to talk since 1,5 year.

me and carlitos

His most often words are:

  1. Mami papat (Mami eat) – that I hear everyday morning at 6am when he wakes up 🙂 or he says “Ham”
  2. Čaj (tea) and Kakao (Cacao)
  3. Agua (water)
  4. Mačinkaaaa (train)
  5. Auto (car)
  6. Kululuk (ball)
  7. Abajo (dolů)
  8. Michy Michy (mixing movement)
  9. Diky (Thank you)
  10. Aaaaaa (He di pii) = when he does something in his diapper he claps on his diaper and keeps saying “Aaaaaa”
  11. Papi (dady)
  12. Babi (Grandma)
  13. Kajo (Carlitos)
  14. Edy (Eduardo)
  15. Malinky (small)
  16. A hormir = to go to sleep in Czech “Spinkat” or “haji”
  17. Houpi (to swing)
  18. Tany tany (to dance) – in his language also means to switch on smart phone where is piano game which he can play with
  19. Boty (shoes)

In general he understans everything, he just does that he doesn’t understand :).  He loves to take stuff from fridge on his own, if he is hungry and fridge became his place to came and just be staring like on TV :)…….what cool I can eat.

Carlitos eats once in a day he starts at 6 am and ends at 8 pm before going to bed. He wakes up with the words “Mami Papat!” and I stars my day with preparing oat meal for him. What I can recommend to moms of this kind of “all the time hungry kids”  is to have ready some small snack close by to your bed as I do. In order to stay in bed few minutes longer 🙂 while he/she eats his snack. 

eating time

Carlitos is lovely. Nicely playing with Eduardo, he is teasing him and stealing his stuff. Edie learn more or less how to deal with Carlitos, and more than fighting they are playing together – making train, constructing from cubics and drawing.

As last I want to mention Carlitos skills: 

1. major skill – to keep painting on whatever he has in his hands, if he does not have something he uses wall, furniture and if nothing he is painting his hands, legs or clothes – it hink he will love art. Soon I will put him into some painting courses just for his fun and joy

2. major skilldancing and crawling over anything – he loves music. He loves to sing in his way and dance. He usually stands in front of radio or TV and keep saying “tany tany”. While he switches it on or he asks Carlos to switch on piano game on his smartphpone which he can listen and play with.

And because I could play with words all the time I have for you prepared another post full of smart things worth to consider and learn. So for now. Enjoy with Carlitos and his first speaking time.

Hugs for all of you

Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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