First year celebration – 12 month of Edie’s life

1st year, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes………

That is the count down of one year life and believe me in the early age of our life this is one of the most exciting time with highest speed of development.

For me it is just like yesterday when Edie was born and I hold his little shaking and very fragile body in my arms. It is just like yesterday when I welcomed him in this world.

He was born in the Czech Republic, but his life is already connected with three continents. Because half of his prenatal age he spend with me in Thailand, after he spend 6 month is Czech and than he moved with us to Venezuela (Latin America). I would love to have his childhood also, believe me. It is colorful, adventurous and diverse.

But let me tell you what is new in his life and how we were celebrating his Bdays.

  • Edie has now 77 cm and 9 Kg
  • He is receiving mother milk only in the morning. I still keep this beautiful moment for us and hopefully I will be still able to breastfeed him for some time. Although my lactancy  decreased a lot so lets see. During the day he is eating what we are eating. He has days when he eats a lot and then he is something like “poo machine”. His “outs” are more than his “ins”. But he eats about 6 times per day. Breakfast (oatmeal, or arepa, or bread with cheese, tomato or fruits), snack (creckers, fruits), lunch (all what we have), snack (fruit), snack (joghurt or compotas), dinner (some creamy soup or puree). He drinks mainly water, but also he is trying everything what we drink (natural juices, milk, flavored water – just a little I do not like to give him sweets).
  • He sleeps very well at night. He had his routine. At 7pm dinner, around 8 pm bathing and after we just put him to his bead. I sing a song and he falls a sleep. The time of carrying is over. He is just waking up because he is thirsty. Especially here in Venezuela is now very hot (more than 30 C) so he is asking for water. He drinks and falls a sleep again. He wakes up at 5 am and then I take him and let him drink milk and be cuddling with me in the bed.
  • He loves to play – there is no change and now we started to go to baby gym. He loves to spend time with other kids so I try to be out with him as much as possible. He also loves water and on the beach he spends most of his time playing in the sand. He likes his texture and taste. He is able to play nicely on xylophone, he is able to twang the strings of guitar. He loves music and now he is always swinging his body into rhythm of music. It is fun to see him dance. He tries to draw with crayons, but he is eating them too so I have to control him while doing art stuff. He loves to put tops and closures to different boxes, bottles and everything what has some top. I let him. He loves to take things off the box and put them back (this is the good part). He is rather organized. And he loves to play “hide and seek”.
  • His motorical skills are improving. He is drinking from his bottle with holders on his own, he tries to feed himself alone. But i have to help him to pass the spoon to his mouth. He tries to drink form glass (but mostly he is so far blowing in than drinking) and from bottle. He likes to play with cutlery, and any kids of things which are given to his hands. He is trying how the things works.
  • He is able to stand up on his own, to slide down from the bed and stairs, he is walking around the things by holding them and with support he is trying to walk as much as possible.
  • He is very social. But very attached to me as mom. Not so many people can carry him and for long time. Even he does not want to go to hands of his dad, grandma or Sandy. He is holding me tight most of the time somebody else wants to take him. So I became his personal carrier and believe me or not “he is heavy” so my back suffers a bit. But I consider it like a training. Because when I feel his little hand holding my arms I forget every pain for this feeling. He loves to greet people. He is waving on the streets to people which give him back smile. And he is flirting with nice girls on the streets and when they smile at him he became shy and hide his face on my chest. It is such  a cute moment.
  • He is very sharing person. When he eats or chew something what he likes he always offer the things to others to eat or chew with him.
  • He is not talking. Although he is trying. Sometimes we are guessing that he said something in some language. But he is saying still mamma, memme (this means all other things, thirst, hunger). He is “juuuud and wowed” by things. I heard him to say baf like a dog and huiiiii like horns of the police car.
  • He is learning fast. I am giving him about month to learn how to walk. Lets see his improvements.
  • Edie is wonderful child, sometimes crying too much but it is just because he want to go out or to do things on his own and I do not let him. I strongly believe that I have to show him already now where are limits for his behavior otherwise he will be abusing our benevolence and liberty. He understand perfectly the word and meaning of “NO” but depends only on his  mood  if he wants to follow or not. We just have to be consistent.

Now it is a time for his cake and typical Venezuelan B-day song;

And some other random pictures for his one year picture gallery

Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.

Mohandas Gandhi


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