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Games for infants – musical instrument

Music, rhythm & blues Music and sounds are surrounding us since we are born and even before. Imagine how are we influenced by the heart beat of our moms, by their voice melody and internal peristaltic. All the internal processes

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Ongoing 11 month

11 months runs for 12 Yeah I do not know where the time goes but one more month passed and Edie entered his last month of his 1st year. For me is so exciting to be near by him and

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games for toddlers – various indoor, online from other sources

More games and inspiration My dear parents friends. I have been searching more for more games either online or simple interactive to play and educate our darlings. And since Edie is now 10 month turning this week 11 month I

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Games for infants – safety of parents and kids

Safety of parents My dear friends I know that I am writing here about different games more or even more interactive and thats why I want to warn you about safety. Mostly we are speaking about safety of kids but

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Games for infants – Objects of daily use

Things and objects of daily use Such a great source of toys are simply daily used things such as toothbrush, comb, plastic cup, sponge to bath etc. I realized that Edie was fascinating by watching me while I was brushing my

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Games for infants – Box

Plastic Order Box Our serial continues. I decided to teach Edie a bit order and keep things on theirs place. I know that now he will probably not understand my guidance, but I just keep telling him nice things  when

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Games for infants – Stick

Carton stick/tube And here we go. I decided under the pressure of my son to create for him 100 + 1 games. He is such a curious baby that he does not like to be all the time just with

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How we made Edie sleep the whole night

Whole night dreaming You might know that Edie already turned 10 month and soon he will be 11 month old. And the question about his sleeping habit started to be on place because I refused to keep breastfeeding him at

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Do you know when do you think “green”?

When you “behave GREEN” You know I was born as city girl. But thanks to my dad I have spend most of my time in the village with my grandparents which all together teach me respect towards the nature and

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Dancing class for Edie

There is never too early for dancing lecture You know. We are simply dancing family. Our life is running in different rhythms. Sometimes it goes very softly but most of the time our speed is killing same as in Dominican or

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