Games for infants – Box

Plastic Order Box

Our serial continues. I decided to teach Edie a bit order and keep things on theirs place. I know that now he will probably not understand my guidance, but I just keep telling him nice things  when he puts his toys into the box. One thing is that it is entertaining for him, second it develops his motorical skills and third I am teaching him to make order in what he does. I hope believe that once he will remember from his childhood what should be done to keep his life organized.

Game: Box

1. Orderer: What we need is one simple plastic box or at least box which keeps it shape in case that your baby crawl over it or start to chew it 🙂 and many objects which he can fit there. I used the cubics of different shapes and colours which were part of sets, also puzzle numbers, paper’s balls etc. Basically what I have found around us! Than I put all the things around Edie and throw one of the things insight. He will most probably take it out and immediately after he will throw it insight. Afterwards I used to start to give him another object to his hand and he is puting them insight or if I see that he is playing on his own I let him on his own. He is able to keep taking things out of the box and putting in sometimes even 30 min and it is wow time! Because most of the games last max about 10 min.

Short video demonstration:

2. Drums: If you turn this box upside down you can easily create drum base for it. Than you just need stick or plastic bottle and you can keep hitting it. It makes interesting sound and if you have more different boxes you will create whole drum station for your child.

I like on this game that Edie is able to play on his own for long time and I can do another things just besides him.

Advice: If you want to do something on your own. You need to keep your baby busy otherwise you will not have free hands. And trust me sometimes less means more! Do not make things complicated for yourself. Einstein was also not playing with PC or Barby and he won Nobel prize!


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