Games for infants – Stick

Carton stick/tube

And here we go. I decided under the pressure of my son to create for him 100 + 1 games. He is such a curious baby that he does not like to be all the time just with one or two toys and he likes to interact. I am happy about that because I can see how nicely he is developing and reacting to different stimulus but on the other hand my brain is sometimes boiling when I have to create new and new games.

So to help also you others I decided to post one by one any kinds of games I found funny to do and easy to prepare. I will share with you games which are interactive, educative and you as adults will have fun too.

You will need any kind of carton stick. I found at home one from plastic folio, it is long and light. The carton is chew-able and more or less clean 🙂

  1. Objects exploratory: I tight different objects to it by strings, or just circles, daily objects basically different shapes, colors, things. And than let your baby explore one object by another one. Let him enjoy different shapes, materials and sounds.
  2. Binocular: this carton stick can be also used simply also as binocular (or monocular in our case). Just look through to your baby. Edie loves that to see my “one eye” so far and in very funny frame such as this tube is.
  3. Horn, drum, whisperer: carton is good sound transmitor. I used to use it also as a musical instrument. I blow into it and make similar effect like with horn.I also sing which creates my voice very funny. I sound like elephant. It is funny to put the tube closer to the kids year and silently whisper something nice and lovely. Sometimes it seems to me that is tickling him and it is funny for him. Edie used to calm down and keeps listening.  Also if you have big gym ball at home you can use this stick for hitting the ball instead of drums. It makes weird sounds which kids like. And they will keep hitting the ball with you like drum player.

I believe that you will found another smart and funny usages for carton stick friend and that you will have with your kids as I do. I hope that this short advice will help your baby to play and explore.

Advice: Toys does not have to be expensive. They have to be interactive!


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