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First year celebration – 12 month of Edie’s life

1st year, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes……… That is the count down of one year life and believe me in the early age of our life this is one of the most exciting time with highest speed of development.

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First steps and slides of Edie

First steps and slides I love this life proven joke, you have to know it also: 2 years you are teaching your child eat, walk, talk and do things on his own and then you are trying even harder another

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Parenting reflexion – how was the first year of experience

Emotions, learning, exploring Emotions – whole year and even prenatal time was full of emotions. Everything what was happening was so new, so exciting and unique. You can not repeat this time again and I definitely felt so many new

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Jamie Oliver carries his mission for healthy food for our kids

Healthy food means healthy life You will not believe me but I always loved to cook and prepare different culinary specialties. I was always “watching under the hands” of my foreign friends and learning “by doing” different recipe. All this years

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St. Valentine’s day spend in Caracas

Day of lovers and friendship (El Dia del Amor y la Amistad) The day of Lovers in Venezuela especially in Caracas was very lovely and “tropically hot” day. in general there is nothing new about the celebration, you can see

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Carnival in Venezuela

Carnival celebration By simple words I would describe Carnival in Latin America such as the dance and fun  of colors. I remember that in Czech Republic we do have something similar called “Masopust” the time when we get dressed and have

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