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Time for sport

Skying and learning to sky I just came from the mountain trip with my kids and believe me that was great. I have learned a lot in past week and again I confirmed the life truth that everything has its

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Selection of the shool for Eduardo

Selection of the institution for Edie,  sound like easy task, but it is not actually, and WHY? Because we as parents are considering the fact, that the old school system is rigid, old, non functioning and does not give the

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Who is my the best personal teacher?

My life personal teacher This post will be devoted to my son. Who is with me already one year. And during that time I realized how much he had changed me and how much I have learned about myself. “If

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Parenting reflexion – how was the first year of experience

Emotions, learning, exploring Emotions – whole year and even prenatal time was full of emotions. Everything what was happening was so new, so exciting and unique. You can not repeat this time again and I definitely felt so many new

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3rd month of infants life

3rd month…………The Month of changes 🙂 It is unbelievable how is baby changing every day. As I am observing my son everyday being with him 24/7 it is great to see his improvements. Those little things which tells you how

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Dalton system (learning is fun and joy not torture!!!)

Dear friends, If you are considering which school should your kid attend try to think about this educational system/approach which was developed long time ago and which breaks all the awful rules of conservative learning approach and give your child

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