Who is my the best personal teacher?

My life personal teacher

This post will be devoted to my son. Who is with me already one year. And during that time I realized how much he had changed me and how much I have learned about myself.

“If you are really not sure who you are, if you are not totally aware of your strengths and weaknesses…………You should have a child!”

Yes my best personal life teacher is my son. Surprise? I hope not, because it is the most natural think which probably every parent will soon or later found out.
It is such curious think about kids, because they behave exactly as we teach them. Because I can see on Edie my personal patterns. Little thinks which I am already doing unconsciously. Every day I can see and have to proof my patience, my skills to play, invent new things, be well organize (time management, task management). I am learning new things every day under his lead. He is actually not asking me to study books and follow particular patterns. He is just teaching me how to observe, how to understand, how to read his gestures (body language).

“Motherhood is the biggest life role which I can play. It is full of constant learning, making mistakes and then undoing them. Non of us were born as parent but most of us will take this important responsibility to our hands!”

Now as most of the mothers I am observing other kids. It is my new passion, to see their smiles, their first steps, their games a and even more curious for me is to keep observing their parents. How they are sharing different moments with their kids.

I have learned that well educated and raised kid comes from Educated parents. There is no limitation for kids to learn, it is just us “parents” who limits its kids by having prejudices or badly learned patterns.
Kids are tabula rasa, blank peace of paper which is not spoiled by any wrong experience. Only who can spoil the “new story” is us! So now I have unique time to keep observing and learning “pure unspoiled” patterns which were given to us  by “mother nature”.

Edi is very good teacher. He is able to respond to any of my guidance very fast. He is able to track my persistence, by constant rules’ braking we put on him 🙂 He is able to show me that impossible is just silly word in my head (” because toilet is very good swimming pool and into my little nose can fit 2 and even 3 of his fingers at once).

I am actually just wondering where his guidance will lead in the future. We took mutual role of being guides to each other. I keep showing him his border. He has to know where he can go and where he is already too far.

“Because his freedom end where starts the freedom of another person!”

But on the other hand by observing his first steps, his constant and persistent attamps of trying things is miraculous and worth of admiring.

My life lecture of my son: If you want to achieve something, you have to master your skills, you have to be persistent and go over any obstacles with open mind because ” the impossible” does not exist.

(Eduardo Josef Botero)

PS: What if I can put into mum’s nose also 4 fingers at one. I think it is worth to try 🙂


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Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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