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Flying against mother nature

How we traveled back home from Venezuela to Czech Republic Many of my friends asked me the obvious question: How was your flight? How did you manage with Edie? And how did you manage with yourself? So for all of

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Edie in Colombia and his 13 months

13 month and big journey I think that there are not many babies who has possibility to experience that much as Edie had. During his first year he had traveled through 2 continents, visited Czech Republic, Austria, Venezuela, and as

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Can I feel lost in my own home?

Finding myself once more again! Change your thoughts to change your life (Steve A.) I am back home. After long journey which we passed from Venezuela I am sitting again in my room and I am thinking where am I.

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Venezuela versus Colombia

Hugo Chávez vs Álvaro Uribe Vélez This post will be dedicated to the all people of Venezuela and Colombia. I wanted to write this post based on my half year experience living and travelling in Venezuela and Colombia. I have

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First steps

Edie’s first steps on his own Life is such a curious thing. Since we are born we are constantly learning new things but compare to the first 3 years of our life when we have to learn most of the

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Amazing Colombia

How I found my new family I have not been in touch with you my dear readers for some time. And there is one simple reason for that because I have been travelling with Carlos and Edie for 3 weeks

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