How to prepare home made B-day cake?

EASY and FAST B-Day Cake

Easy and fast that is my life motto. And for cooking is the most important  to make everything easy, fast and tasteful 🙂

Because many of my friends asked for the recipe of Edie’s B-day cake I decided to write it publicly as inspiration and help for other mom’s who are having struggles with cooking.

How to prepare Edie’s B-day cake

(Called also “Hrnečková cuketová bábovka” = “Cup’s zucchinis cake”)

Potřebujeme (Ingredients):

  • 2 – 2 1/2 hrnečku polohrubé mouky (cups of flour – semi big grains)
  • 1 prášek do pečiva (pack of baking powder – or 1 big spoon)
  • 1 hrneček cukru krupice (cup of crystal sugar)
  • 1 vanilkový cukr (pack of vanilla sugar)
  • 2 vejce (eggs)
  • 5 PL oleje (big spoons of oil)
  • 1 hrneček mléka (cup of milk)
  • 1 hrneček nastrouhané cukety (cup of grated zucchini)
  • 1 PL kakaa (big spoon of cacao)
  • 50 g najemno nakrájených lískových  nebo vlašských oříšků (small cuted peaces of hazelnuts or walnuts )
  • tuk na vymazání (oil for engrazing the cake form)
  • hrubá mouka na vysypání bábovkové formy (flour for filling form)

Jak na to:
Mouku smícháme s práškem do pečiva a prosejeme. Přidáme cukr krupici, vanilkový cukr, žloutky, olej, mléko, nastrouhanou cuketu, kakao a nakrájené oříšky. Vymícháme těsto a zlehčíme tuhým sněhem z bílků. Naplníme formu a upečeme při 160 °C. Pomocí špejle zjistíme, zda je bábovka upečená. Hotovou pocukrujeme nebo přelijeme čokoládovou polevou.

How to do it:

Mix flour with baking powder, add sugar, 2 yolks, oil, milk, grated zuchini, cacao and cut nuts. Mix all ingredients until U create nice smooth dough. Make the “snow” from the whites of eggs and softly mix it with the rest of dough. Put oil and flour into the form, be sure that all of the parts of the form will be covered by flour. Than pour dough  into the form and bake under 160 °C. By wooden stick you can check whether the dough is ready. When the cake is ready you can sugar it with powder sugar or with chocolate.

And how the cake can look like:

1. Version I prepare simply, just few more tricks and it was ready. Have a look

2. Version was more advanced. I put the dough into tree different forms and made 3 levels cake. Look how nice it looked before it was totally eaten 🙂 Proof of being also tasty!

I can promise you that with this case you will never do bad. It is very simple, fast and with little bit of your imagination and invention you will never fail.

Advice: No matter what you will cook you will always make happy your child. And I believe that “home made” or “mama made” is always better than bought. Because the love and personal parental touch can be never bought!


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