How to surf?

Surfing (skying in the sea waves)

You know I love skying and in general every sport. But since I started to travel very much I missed already two winter seasons at home. And it is really something for me. Two years without skying is making impact on my passion for this sport. So this feeling of lacking my loved sport motivated me to find substitute. And I found it!

“Surfing…………my skying on the white waves of the sea”

I took one day course of surfing with my cousin  in Margarita Island. So if you want to learn how to surf, keep reading and following pictures.

Surfing is not difficult sport, you just need to know basics and practice, practice and practice. It took us few falls and ups but we made it 🙂

So for surfing you need only board, good sun block and yourself. Surfing is done through few basic positions.

1. You have to find the center of the board, put your hand there and keep your chest (bottom part under the breast part). Keep your head up and body straight in the line.

2. second position is about lifting your body  at once. You have to keep your body facing aside and head front. Your knees have to be turned to center and facing each other and your body weight has to be more front.

3. and then you try to stand up, keep facing front and try to keep balance. If you put more weight front then you will speed up if you put more weight back you will break.

And now look how the theory works in the waves. You have to start paddling with your hands when you have wave behind your board.

And after whole day of activity guess how did I end 🙂

But I have been awarded by certificate which is indicating my newly gained sport skill. I hope that once I will do surfing with Edie.

I love sports and I hope that I will be able to improve my surfing skills as much as possible.  If you have any questions just ask I will be happy to help 🙂


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